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As per the title. Films released in 2012 and secondary to that, ones which you watched in 2012 and from any year: I'll go first: Headhunters Para Norman
My favourite zombie movies are:Dawn of the Dead original - brilliant and funny satire and film.Day of the Dead original.28 Days LaterWasting Away - hilarious zombie film, very clever, very low budget.
As Hoozah says, it does seem painfully obvious - another black character comes along - they bump off the existing black guy.Perhaps this is the case and cultural bias (people, myself included are influenced to try and spot racism) or perhaps it's because I'm white, the black characters stand out as more memorable, especially with oft bandied about "token black character" around this show. In other words I'm spotting something which statistically isn't anything unusual...
The last episode was quite good, but again failed based on silliness: Zombies are zero threat: Glen shatters a zombie bone with his bare hands and is not in the least afraid that a shard of bone or a rough edge will cut him and kill him. Michonne picks up a shard of glass from a fish tank full of putrid zombie water, and does not cut her hand. Even worse, the Gov doesn’t die from having this germ laden glass stuck in his face! Michonne – has become so annoying for me,...
I'm 36 Ter Haha yeah, a bit stuck there. Although it's not a total internet ban - I still need to use email and read the news. If you could please pm me your email address, I could then send any German questions there !
Yeah, I definitely think I'll need it! That's an interesting link though.Oh I definitely intend to ditch the next addictive machine, that's why I'd get rid of the TV altogether - so I don't replace xbox gaming with excessive film watching.Thom - yes, my idea was to replace xbox and the net with reading and learning German - I hardly ever read these days - xbox and facebook are just too easy. I also spend way too much time on Style forum too.My not so cunning plan was to...
I thought Liam Neeson was great as always, but it just stretched believability too much. Yeah that was one such scene, he just took off his wet jacket and kept walking, although did succumb to hypothermia by the time of the wallet scene.I did really like the part where he said "Fuck faith, show me some proof, I need help", some great acting and lines.
Watched a bit of pulp last night - The Grey. Really a mediocre film - the Jaws like actions of the wolves made it a bit silly. As did the inability of the men to make long spears and walk in a tight bunch.
Today I was thinking that between X Box Live and Facebook, I must waffle away at least 4 hours every day. I therefore started thinking about lending out my X Box and my TV, to prevent me both playing games and then replacing that with watching movies. I'm also thinking about having 3 months off of Facebook. The whole idea being, not only will I get more done, I will also be forced to find less lazy and more educational ways to spend my free time - namely reading and to a...
To be honest, and I may have been a spazz here - but I thought it was just him shading in the lines, in a "meat, bone, blood" American Psycho/ The Shining type madness.
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