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Hey chaps, I’ve just bought a very nice peacoat from Reiss in navy and was curious about what length was the general rule of thumb for peacoats. I normally wear quite heavy tweed sports coats in Winter, so don’t have any experience on the peacoat front. In terms of fit, the coat is about 2 inches longer than a sports coat – so with my hands in fists by my side, about 2 inches below the end of my fists. How does this sound? Many thanks
[[SPOILER]] Did you see it in 3D? Probably the best use of 3D I have seen so far, incredible scenes at night and throughout.
I watched Life of Pi, last night. Fantastic film - warm hearted, very witty and also amazing to look at, very highly recommended.
Black Swan, I really liked this film, and while not excellent like The Wrestler, it is very good. I also watched Moonrise Kingdom. I had gotten a little tired of Wes Anderson after Fantastic Mr Fox and to a lesser extent The Life Aquatic - simply because his films had become so formulaic - although it was a style I loved at first. Moonrise Kingdom renewed my liking of Anderson films, a very warm hearted and witty tale even if the style was very familiar.
Gattaca is one of my favourite films too, hurray for solidarity! (Watch someone come along and say it's shit)
A Death star pregnant belly is brilliant! I hope you did that and your new arrival is happy and healthy
That's cool OC, what do you like about the film so much?LOTS of spoilers below!!! [[SPOILER]]
Requiem for a Dream. Terrible film and a huge misfire by Aronofsky compared to Pi, The Wrestler and Black Swan. I just couldn't get on board with the hugely unsympathetic characters, and scratchy jumpy cinematography and alarmist story.
Dredd 2012 - superb pulpy, ballistic film and a kick ass soundtrack. One of my favourite comic cons in a while. Pi - just started watching Aronofsky's films again - tonight will be Requiem for a Dream (no doubt fast forwarded to the ass to ass scene)
Thanks for your input Stephen
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