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I love scrape di bianco but these look a little deformed if you ask me.
Just did a search on the C&J Monks and it brought me back to this site. You're right. They do look like Crockett & Jones Lowndes double monks. I'm out of here. It's past my bed time.
Monks? So that's the style. The Ferragamo's are going for $925 retail. I'm affraid to wear these shoes outside the house. I may start to cry if I scuff them.
Sorry. Will try to add attachment again.
Hello to all and this is my first time posting. What a blessing to find these shoes. Went to Nordstrom Rack with no intentions of buying anything (watching the budget like most of us right now). Anyway, stumbled upon a pair of Ferragamo Tramessas (retail about $920) and just couldn't pass them up. I didn't know how expensive they where until I got home and researched the shoe. I almost passed on the $199 price. Man I would have been kicking myself forever. I almost listed...
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