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Price Drop from $275 to $250.
Price Drop from $300 to $275.
SOLD: Filson Duffle Bag - Large Size - Tan Color Includes: Duffle Bag, Shoulder Strap, Original Box. Condition: Used, but like new. Less than one year old. My wife gave it to me as a gift last Christmas. I literally took this bag on one trip before realizing it's too big for me. It went from the box to the back seat of my car to the hotel room and back home into the box. Absolutely great bag. Heavy-duty construction, quality hardware, tough canvas. Just really...
Brooks Brothers sportcoat Size as Marked: 39R Model: 1818 Fitzgerald. Made in China. Jacket Description: Single-breasted. Two buttons. Notch lapels. Flap pockets. Breast pocket. Center vent. Cloth: 85% wool, 15% silk. (100% Bemberg Cupro lining.) Light blue windowpane over a caramel brown herringbone. Jacket Measurements: Chest 21.5, Waist 19.75, Sleeve Length 24, Shoulder 18, Jacket Length (BOC) 30.5. Provenance: Purchased new by me at Brooks Brothers retail...
Oliver Wendell Holmes speaks! (And I concur.)
Those are outstanding. Great combination of shoes, laces, socks, and trousers. Maybe I'll amend my rating on Indigo from 9 to 8. It depends on the light. In certain light, they do seem brighter and bolder.
From the Leffot web site: Indigo Suede (center) | Cardinal Suede. I don't have links for all EG colors. I suspect all is a moving target, anyway. Browsing the Leffot site, you'll see a great variety.
Imagine a scale of conservative EG colors to wild colors, with Black at 1, Dark Oak at 2, Burgundy and Edwardian at 3, Indigo at 9, and Cardinal at 10. I would put Midnight at around 5 and Nightshade at around 6. Both colors are outside what most men would wear to the office in the legal, banking, or consulting professions. But neither of these colors draws much attention and I find them both to be tasteful with a suit and tie. I have a pair of Falkirk spectators in...
Funny, you say that. I was excited to pick up the Inverness in Burgundy at Brooks Brothers during their Corporate Sale. I went to the 346 Madison Avenue store and was also discouraged by the color. I found them to be sort of pink-brown. Certainly not Burgundy as I'd seen before on this model at Edward Green trunk shows. Didn't buy them.
Shoe trees are included in the Brooks Brothers prices for Edward Green shoes - that's about $130 built-in.
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