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Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Perkins is a better defender than Wallace. Perkins is only 25 years old and Wallace is 35 years old. Perkins can body anyone on the key, he did well against Howard in the playoffs. Dude hustles a lot too. Wallace is unpredictable, you'll never know which Wallace will show up. In offense, sure I'll pick Wallace but on defense, I'll stick to Perkins. +1 I was really impressed with the way he defended howard...
Awesome show, but the ratings aren't that great and it may end at season 6 =(
Movie was awesome, a so-so script but the action kept me entertained through out =)
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could you post measurements of the thigh and hem please?
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Quote: Originally Posted by ZxExN Stop overreacting. This flu is weaker than the normal season flu. But I do like the bespoke face mask idea. While i don't think it's weaker than the regular flu it is however certainly not like the avian flu or sars. Just be mindful of washing your hands regularly, and keep your self sanitized and you'll be fine
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