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Many, if not most, of the pictures of denim I've seen are simply photos of the denim layed out...can people start posting pictures of their denim while they are wearing them so I can get a sense of their fit
What's the difference between the levis shrink to fit 501s and the 501xx?
I'm not saying I'm a fashion guru because I don't wear converses...all I wear is bascially nike, adidas (sambas) or puma. What are some other footwear suggestions as alternatives to converse low tops?
Honestly, I can't look anywhere without seeing people wearing converses. If it's a casual outfit, there's a 90% chance the shoes will be converse low tops Isn't anyone else sick of seeing people wear these? It's generic and uninspiring. The word must get out, you have other options for footwear...please engage in that fundamental right.
I just tried on D & G original which I like alot. I'm only 21, is this scent too old for me and is it too heavy to wear casually/during the day?
I'll check into those, thanks
I made the mistake of purchasing Lacoste Essential, which at the time of purchase (going by how the card smelt) was a scent I enjoyed. However, once I applied it to my skin the clean and frest scent dissipated and was replaced by a horrible scent much like that of rotting fruit. I'm not a fan of any of the heavy or musky colognes such as the Armani scents, rather I want a cologne that has a freshness to it. Can someone suggest a good cologne with the...
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