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Quote: Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife maybe sc hawaiis, okis, or edos, they look good no matter what. are these the brands or particular styles associated with said brand? also, what is 45 rpm's site?
alright guys, I apologize...I'm the ass here, no question about it. I've just been stressed out on this paper I have to write and my computer was acting up earlier so I was in a pissy mood I love I Jah
the cursing wasn't accredited to the 3 hours without a lack of response, but rather the two responses that I received that mocked me maybe a misunderstanding now that I look back at it but thank you for your reply..informative
I against I
pay to cum
I, obviously, know very little about raw denim and to be honest never really understood the hype until I recently looked into it. I love that sheen that raw denim has, as well as its stiffness so much so that my eyes are hurting and I've given up...can someone provide me with some answers I bought a pair of cheap rustler rigids as my first pair. I will not/cannot stand not washing my jeans for a prolonged period; therefore, I washed them after about a weeks wear I...
what are some alternatives to nike dunks...mainly I'm going for the high top (or low top) shoe with a big tongue that I can tuck my jeans into
alright, I am search in a pair of 27 x 32 rrls but I cannot find a single pair on ebay...they're all weird sizes (36 X 30, 34 X 29)...does anyone have any suggestions where I can pick up a pair?
cultpop, What kind of jeans are those from the gap? Are they men's? Are they raw denim? Sorry about the barrage of questions, but I like 'em and I'm in the search for cheap jeans.
I just picked up a pair of these yesterday...the raw denim I'm assuming? I'm rather amazed with their fit and quality for only $10
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