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haha, well I'm glad that was all cleared up but still the question remains...anyone have an answer? thanks
What are these? Do they have them up on their webstore or only in stores? Link please, if online.
Are square toed boots still acceptable to wear? The ones I'm looking at are black but the toes are something similar to these
can you give measurements of the thigh and bottom hem? also, I'm normally a 31 you think this size would fit on the account they're tapered? thanks
Is it acceptable, but more importantly does it look alright, to wear a vest that is a different color than the suit you're wearing for instance, if i wore a grey pinstriped suit with a black this something that should be avoided?
Quote: Originally Posted by weirdnjfan1 Yo gooner, just so you know if you're looking to buy some jeans from Uniqlo, they only make a washed selvage. In the states, there's no such thing as raw selvage. Uniqlo only makes a one wash jeans that aren't bad, I'l looking to get into a pair myself, but they aren't selvage jsut so you know. thanks for the heads up
but mY mommEy suys i'M nuber 1
It can be done either way... I prefer my polos untucked but... tucked works if the polo is rather long and or the belt/belt buckle you are wearing deserves some time in the spotlight either way can be pulled off if done properly
thanks ddml!
I've been reading how nice uniqlos are, and they're not expensive no uniqlo stores are in my vicinity..are their products available through a webstore or usually found on ebay? I've searched ebay recently and haven't found any
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