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B looks like an idealized version of that swedish guy's mtm disaster coat.
Found this on a Norwegian street fashion blog,, and thought of SF immediately; patch pockets, soft shoulder, knit tie.. If he had just changed the horrendous sandals for loafers...
Starting this after finishing and earlier this winter. It's perhaps a very banal observations, but as a non-american I'm fascinated by how Roth presents American history and social developments as well as how it affects individuals.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Uhm, the chicks were the winners this week. I guess that could also mean Parker now that I think about it. - B As a newbie I take this to seriously to think about chicks..
Parker is the winner this week, for sure; I'm stunned to be included my first week. Thanks Vox!
Getting towards the end of this, a great read so far
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