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Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay For me, it's all about fit. A slim, but not too slim fit that hangs well and doesn't have a rise that's too low. +1, and 20 cm hem at most, preferrably 19-20 cm.
Quote: Originally Posted by bkstone I agree +1. Perhaps Moscot has something similar available?
Moot court: RTW suit from Tiger of Sweden (the sleeve pitch is a mess) RTW shirt from Stenströms (one size too big in the collar) Inherited tie that didn't want to tie a good four in hand in my first 5-10 attempts C&J Connaught
I like the right one more because of the softer shoulders and that it matches your skin tone better.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpallaCamiccia It do makes logic as all the made in italy shoes that I have tried I need a 42 while others are 43 so no casualty at all. Sanded? You mean with a machine? Ah nice idea I never realiced before. This forum is great , I learn a lot! Thanks Fritzl Bexley trees are also adjustable in width (look at the screw in the side of the tree). I'd go with 43 and adjust thereafter.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Rain x suede = meh, shoes are for wearing not treasuring Just saying * Special reserve tobacco suede, PG-last, Old Engrish Medarrion Your best Vash imho! Very nice!
Quote: Originally Posted by Sander Yeah... Myke, do you use it? I tried to do so, but it didn't make much sense... I'm only guessing here but I think it goes like this: In other words, you can't use that part of the box to shine your shoes without someone else being involved in the process.
Quote: Originally Posted by DavidinGray Afternoon gents, I need some help with sizing on RM Williams Craftsman. Basically, I wear a size 11F in Loake's last 026. What would that translate into? DIG If 11F (uk) in Loake fits you well (rather snugly, no major heel slippage) you should get RMW in 11G.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty +1 Are the gloves to the left in yellow or cognac? They look great!
Quote: Originally Posted by Tremont 974 I ordered my RM Williams Comfort Craftsman from Aussie Bush Hats and had a good experience. Me too. You could check out and as well. They are both highly regarded in the RMW-thread.
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