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thanks for the ideas. i'm leaning towards a mid-brown (not too dark, so it doesn't look like a suit jacket). i don't think the blue color of the blazer is light enough for white buttons but i do like the look of the white buttons. maybe that screams too casual even for a casual office?
I just bought a new 2-button dark blue blazer (almost midnight) with patch pockets and dark brass buttons. I don't like the buttons and want to replace them but I'm wondering what kinds of replacement buttons would look good? I plan on wearing it as a casual jacket to work with chinos and/or jeans, if this helps with the context. thanks.
just going through my subscriptions, this thread is always a great read.
i was being lazy and just went straight to suitsupply and picked up the wool/linen blend jacket (the singblebreasted 2button) you posted.
yea, i seem to be considering this same situation. i have light grey wool flannel pants and want to pair it with a odd jacket since i only have suits. i like the look of the patterns jackets, but only with the particular grey pants. not sure i'd wear plaid jackets otherwise.
great, thanks for the suggestion. my pant color is about that color, certainly not darker than in the picture you posted.
COLOR COMBO: walnut cordovan dalton + light grey wool pants (already own) + Jacket(?) ====== I don't have any odd jackets so I want to get a new one. I'm thinking of pairing my light grey wool pants with a royal blue or a "bright" blue (not north carolina blue). I imagine the jacket buttons will be white. Does this combination make sense? Thanks. Any other suggestions for a jacket color?
it is in really great condition (of course it was worn for several years). but rarely in harsh conditions (i was out west before coming to philly) and always shoe treed and rotated throughout the week.......
thanks, made the appropriate changes.......
UPDATED: photos and paypal information UPDATED: 01/30/13 payment information For Sale: Allen Edmonds Fairhaven, sz 9.5d Allen Edmonds Lloyd, sz 9.5d SOLD BedStuy boot, sz 9 SOLD Paypal........CONUS only, PM for other countries. Shoot me any questions! (Local in Philly if anyone wants them faster!) Allen Edmonds Fairhaven , sz. 9.5d Asking: 75usd, CONUS shipping included Older pair of AEs, well taken care of and always shoe-treed (included). I just don't wear...
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