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13.2 at medium pace. Nice day 52 degrees.
5.9 miles. Great race JB
6.2 miles
7.3 miles
4 miles. Ran a snowshoe trail race almost all single track. Great race and I ran very well. 83 entered, 7th OA, 1st AG 50-59. Weather was awesome. 35 degrees. Last year it was negative 3. Back to superior 50k training this week. Nice workout Blah. Good race JB.
Around 8.5 miles on single track. Snow was packing and every step was sinking in about 4-8 inches. Step, sink, push, slip, go. Tough slow run. Good luck JB.
6.7 miles
6.5 miles
7.2 miles
5.8 miles. Congrats to Olympic reps. Gutsy finish from Flanigan.
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