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9.1 miles w some intervals yesterday. Today off.
5.3 rainy miles today.
90 minutes on a trail I found in my new relo area. Garmin was confused w the high trees and remote area so mileage was around 8 - 8.5 miles. Trail was a very nice mix of single track w some technical area and some rolling hills. Could use more elevation but not going to find that here.
3.3 miles Monday in a lightning cut short run. 5 miles Wednesday 8.5 miles w long hill repeats Start a taper beginning tomorrow Born to run is a good book. Many stories within the book all at the same time. Quite a few good ones out there depending on the running topic. Congrats BG on the 5k PB.
6.3 miles on Thursday. Was going to run a 16 mile fast finish long run (8 easy, 8 fast) but my bro-in-law asked me to run a half with him. So I ran the half and then had some water, took a 10 min break and ran another 3 for a total of 16.2 miles today. PR'd the race and ran 10 sec / mile faster than my previous best. I havent ran a half in over a year, but was good to run a PR at 1:36:05. Made turning 49 on Friday a bit easier. Took 3rd overall. Small town race.
8.6 miles w speed intervals on hills
6.6 miles tonite. Congrats SB on the race. PR in tough conditions is awesome. Impressive mileage MP. [q!!uote name="jbarwick" url="/t/69386/how-many-miles-did-you-run-today/10200#post_7276812"]Got in 11 miles yesterday which was probably a bad idea due to the heat.  I consumed close to a gallon of water over that stretch.  Also in the past week I have dipped 6 lbs which must be a lot of water weight.  I switched from x3 sodium Bloks to some with a little caffeine so I...
5.1 miles on Friday and 23.5 miles on trails and roads today.
6.6 miles on Monday and 8.1 miles on Tuesday.
5.1 miles Friday and 10.4 trail miles today.
New Posts  All Forums: