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7.8 miles today in two runs. One this a.m. w/ some tempo and one this evening on the incline treadmill. This evening was a bit more than I can handle, but a good workout. 1.9 miles in 30 minutes w/ 1606 ft elevation gain. Workout goes in staggered incline raises up to 20 degree incline than raises 5 degrees every 2 minutes up to 40 degree incline, then back down. At 35 / 40 / 35 I had to use the front handles every 30 seconds on / off for those 6 minutes. So I had 3...
8.1 miles today on a snowy trail. More of a crushed gravel rail trail, so no single track. Hunting season right now and best to stay out of the woods. Some spots were packed down and others were untouched w/ about 6-8 inches of trail breaking for me. Inov8 282 Gore-Tex shoes were awesome. When done, my socks were still dry inside the shoes. Plenty of room for toes and heavier trail socks. Haven't been this impressed w/ a pair of shoes since my North Face single track Hyasa's.
3.6 miles this morning
5.3 miles today.
7.7 miles today.Good idea. Knee should heal or you won't be doing any ultras in the near future. That 70M race w/ 40K elevation would need a lot of training and a bum knee won't get you to the finish. It's about too late to train starting now for a race like that in spring.
8 mile trail run. Tried out the Inov8 GTX 282 Roclites. Great waterproof trail shoes. Lightweight, flexible, good traction. I was in anything from 6 inches of unpacked snow to packed down snow on my run.
6.1 total miles today. Ran in am and then did a workout later on the incline trainer. While I am going to spend more time then I ever have on a treadmill this winter, I'm trying to keep it interesting. Did a workout this evening and got in 1227 ft gain in 30 min. My quest to become a mountain goat this winter. Should help the trail races next year.Awesome, great to run in new places overseas. Always exciting.
4.5 miles tonite
3.1 easy miles today. Took a few days off after the ultra and then caught the flu or something for the last few days. Today was starting to feel better and wanted to get a run in. Easy 5K just to get back into things and see how I felt. No problems, so should be able to ramp things back up. Plan to stay around 25-ish miles and just keep a light base for about a month and then start getting ready for Boston. I'm now in the upper part of Wisconsin, so we have lots of snow...
45 miles today. Ran the Icebox 480 today. 480 was minutes of the race, so an 8hour run. First time running a timed event rather than a distance. The course was all single track and reasonably technical, but not terrible. Lots of roots, some rocks, some off chamber, and lots of rolling hills for some good elevation changes. Really a nice course to run. Loops were 7 miles and then if you finished a loop in the final hour, then you went to the 1 mile loop course. Had to...
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