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4.4 miles tonite w/ core work.
If that was just the jump, you are right. I did a 50K in Feb, turned out w/ bad conditions it was 6.5 hours that was about equal to 35 miles of effort on that course. There are quite a few training plans for 50M or 100K's. With back to back long runs and long weekly mileage, the legs and body get the needed stress. If I were training for a 100M, I'd be running a 50M or even 35-40 followed up w/ another shorter run the next day around 8 weeks out from the race. The balance...
17 mile trail run this morning. After running 26 yesterday, I was really surprised how good I felt today. Ran a faster pace, felt strong, and could have gone another 10. This marks my biggest mileage week ever at just over 70 miles. 3 weeks to go until the 100K race. Ran in North Face Single track Hayasa II's today. A really nice shoe to hit the trails if you need a wider forefoot and good technical trail shoe. Impressive fit.
26.2-ish trail miles today. Good run, feel pretty good, and have another big run tomorrow. Took a few pics of my playground today.Mostly single track and bridal trails. Rocky, rooty, and reasonably technical. [[SPOILER]]
5.5 mile easy run today.
6.1 miles tonite. Still windy w 30mph winds and bigger gusts, but an easy run. Stayed in some neighborhoods w/ hills and bigger homes. Helped block some wind.I'm 49 this summer.
9.6 miles tonite w/ some speed work, or at least an attempt at it. 30 mph winds w/ gusts up to 40. Flew when w/ the wind, leaned forward and worked my ass off going against it to even get any semblance of speed.
6.1 mile tonite. This week is the top of my training cycle for mileage. Saturday will put me 3 weeks out from race day. NOBD - Great job with run and celebration day. Going the whole year and hitting good mileage will keep you enjoying the run more than the smoke. You will also repair your body. I quit 7 years ago after smoking a pack a day for 26 years. I took an MVO2 max stress test and had a heart scan done this year. The doc found nothing to indicate that I had ever...
17 miles of technical trails today.
5.2 miles today.
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