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9.4 mile tempo run today. 2 warm up, 5 tempo (7:16 pace) 2.4 cool down.
4R straight out of the barrel is very close to 60.5%. I have a few from last year's Bourbon affair that were straight from the barrel, no filter, signed by Rutledge. 2 other bottles of 4R Private Selection from 2 separate places come in at 58.1% and 57.2%. FWiW, there are 10 recipes total. All in yellow label, 4 in small batch, and 1 for SB. You can buy any of the 10 for a 4R PS. Having tasted all 10 last year, I would not take "any of them" as they are each very...
8.1 miles w/ hill intervals yesterday. 5.6 easy miles today.
5.5 mile easy run today. Congrats JustR on the first 5K. Nice milestone to hit.
13 miles on the road today.
8.1 miles tonite doing one of my favorite workouts, hill repeats.Awesome Blah. A 5/4 rated 50M course should be a good challenge. I'm looking at an early August race. Considering 1 of these 3: Standhope 60K, Hurl Elkhorn run, or Skyline Mtn 50K. Anyone have any info on any of them from previous race experience?
5.7 miles.
9.7 miles w/ speed work today.
5.3 mile recovery run today.One of my favorite days of the year. Daylight savings starts, weather was awesome and in the 30's, and over 50 miles for the week.I tried tailwind and know quite a few people that use it and like it. It just kept coming back up as foam for me in longer runs. I switched to Vitargo and couldn't be happier. Everyone's system is different.Not crazy Fueco. The AG's sneak up on you. I'm in the 50 y/o AG this summer. I'm qualified in the 45-49 AG in...
20.8 miles today. First 20 miler of the year and first 1 of 3 in next 4 weeks.
New Posts  All Forums: