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18 miles of single track w 3k elevation change. Crazy weather. Snow Wednesday and 75 today.
9 miles. Long Hill repeats.
6.1 miles
9.7 miles
Big back to back weekend. 21.3 miles yesterday and 12 miles today. We got about 5-7 inches of snow over the last week. Ran yesterday on the t-mill with elevation changes as I ran every 5 minutes at 5%, 1%, and -2%. It was 9 degress with wind chill and too much snow for a long run. Ran outside today on single track and snowmobile trails as it warmed up a bit. Got in 2800 ft of elevation change in the 12 miles. All of it between 3-5 inches of snow. Warmed up to 35-45...
8.4 miles
9.0 miles w speed.
8.4 miles
5.8 miles
9.1 miles
New Posts  All Forums: