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You're right. It was the Cliftons. Good catch.
8.4 miles w hill repeats.I like them for recovery runs. The Clayton I's fit different than the the II's. I did not like the II's.
Light workout and 3.5 miles
7.5 miles of single track yesterday.
5.8 miles
5.3 miles
3.2 miles
31 miles on Sat at the Superior 50K. Awesome race, course, and area. Very tough trail with lots of exposed large roots and rocks. Very little smooth or non-technical single track. 8400' elevation that was mixed with some switchbacks and some straight up hills. Wanted to break 6 hrs for this race, but managed a 6:28 and was alright with that. Took 4th in AG. I was ready for course or elevation but not both. Took a toll on the legs and couldn't pick them up to run over the...
4 miles
6.5 miles
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