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3.3 easy paced miles.
Ran a 50k trail ultra today. Pretty runnable w only a few very technical areas. Very hilly though. Was looking to break 6 hrs and did for 31 miles. Problem was I missed 2 turns and ran another 4 miles. I was pushing to hit the final couple miles and was about gassed when I realized I was off course. The race ended up being a bit longer than 31 miles so ended with about 36-37 miles today. Garmin showed 35.5 but in an area w no cell service and deep in woods I'm guessing a...
3.3 miles Thursday
6 miles w/ fartleks. Last run Thursday and 50K on Saturday.
6.1 miles
11 miles today.
5.6 miles. JB, what style of inov8? Also look at north face single track hayasa II shoes. Great cushion and light. Not real technical but good for long trail runs.
8 miles w/ speed work.
6.1 easy miles today
3 hrs 15 min on trails. Watch works at times. Middle of nowhere. No walking, lets call it 17.5 miles give or take a mile.
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