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9.5 quick trail miles today.
8.1 miles yesterday with some interval speed work.4 easy miles today.You can look up where you are on mapquest and see what road goes for a while and take that. Or,take a bottle of water or a backpack w/ a 2 liter capacity and just go for a nice enjoyable run without having a plan. Some music, some water, couple S-caps, Napa Valley and you.
6.4 easy miles this morning.
4.3 mile easy run today. Shortened about a mile due to illness,90 degrees, and humidity. For an easy run, I was working my ass off at a pretty slow pace. Figured pushing wasn't getting me good training. Thanks for the update on the Altra's Blahspam. I see quite a few Lone Peaks at races. May give them a shot. Haven't done much w/ zero drop so would be interesting to try. I'm pretty sold on the NF Hayasa's (also on clearance) for rocky technical long run races and Inov8's...
17 hot, humid, somewhat muddy trail miles today. Congrats to wife Fueco. Awesome ride. Nice job crewing and getting her there. New Inov8 were a bit disappointing. I have 5 other models of Inov8, so I'm a big fan, but these were a bit heavy and not mud friendly. Slipped a slid a bit. The tread is similar to a Brooks Cascadia. For something long that isn't a mudder, I'll stick with the NF single track hyasau's.
5 miles today.
6.1 miles tonite.
9 miles w speed work. Interested in hearing about those altra's. Feel and flexibility on single track. I have a pair of the new Inov8 ultras to try this weekend.
5.7 miles Monday. I began to run to get in shape and got where I wanted to be. Now I run due to enjoyment, fitness, and stress relief. That's part of why I run after work and in the heat of the day. I run ultras for the fitness level, emotional roller coaster during the race, and the feeling at the end of most races is unlike any other. Some more than others. Calorie burn is nice, but my nutrition and eating habits are pretty good anyway.
17.1 trail miles today in new location. Moving to new job (good promotion, worse trails). Trails were more the x-country skiing variety than technical single track. Still some reasonable elevation and mostly grass / rocks. Highest point in WI, it is 49 ft short of being a mountain. Never saw anyone until the look out point at the top. Nice run, good pace, feel pretty good.[ quote name="jarude" url="/t/69386/how-many-miles-did-you-run-today/10035#post_7211751"]Runkeeper...
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