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20.7 mile trail run today. Nice weather. Was able to wear shorts and long sleeve shirt. Trail was terrible. The nice weather melted quite a bit of snow. Ran in either mud, snow, or ice. I don't think there was a mile total that would have been considered dry or solid. Good work out for the legs. On another note, I tried Vitargo S2 today as fuel on my run. Was very impressed. No gastric distress, felt good, no bonking or low energy / sugar levels. It's a bit expensive, so...
10.4 mile Christmas trail run. A few inches of snow and the park to myself. Good run.
Yep, good book. Lots of info for various distances and circumstances. Its a pretty big book.
4.5 miles. Ice and snow storm here yesterday. single digits, ice, and some wind today. Stayed inside and turned on the mountain goat machine. Ran alternate hill repeats of 1 min @ 1 degree incline and 1 min @ 15 degrees at a constant pace. Different type of workout w/ no down hills to recover.
4 miles today. Need 20 more by 12/31 to top 1800 for the year.
10.4 miles this morning. Cold weather is back, nice trail run though.
5.4 miles today. Last of the nice weather as today was 55 degrees and will start to drop back into the highs in the teens by end of weekend. Pretty excited that my new McMillan plan was emailed to me. Start training for an April 100K after next week.
7.2 miles today. Almost 60 degrees out right now, but will be in teens this weekend. Nice to run in shorts but the 25 mph winds were tough going uphill.
Heard bad things about the Yaks Trax breaking pretty easily, but that was on trails. Not sure how they would fair on the roads. Last snow we had, I ran with my trail shoes and they worked great. If icy, Salomon and Inov-8 both make studded shoes with some steel and rubber spikes mixed thoughout the bottom. Another idea that is far less expensive and seems to have a big following is taking an older pair of shoes and putting screws into the bottom. They do this a lot on the...
New Posts  All Forums: