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6.1 mile tonite. This week is the top of my training cycle for mileage. Saturday will put me 3 weeks out from race day. NOBD - Great job with run and celebration day. Going the whole year and hitting good mileage will keep you enjoying the run more than the smoke. You will also repair your body. I quit 7 years ago after smoking a pack a day for 26 years. I took an MVO2 max stress test and had a heart scan done this year. The doc found nothing to indicate that I had ever...
17 miles of technical trails today.
5.2 miles today.
6.9 tonite
8.4 miles tonite w/ hill repeats. A bit more than Jumpin' Jack Flash.
8 miles tonite. Wore a pair of Hoka Bondi 3's. Never been a fan of the look and size, but tried them tonite. Seemed a bit heavy and very rigid, but I ran as fast as normal as felt decent running in them. Jury is still out, but I may keep them for easy days.
6.2ish trail miles. Was going to go for an easy 100 minute run but got into a 10k trail race instead.
5 this am
10 miles tonite. FYI: Running warehouse sale just started. Shoes and apparel.
4.1 Monday easy run.I really like core 2 days / week. I've got the McMillan DVD set and #2 & #3 are great. Hamstrings, abs, lower back, but, and hip flexors both inside and out. It has helped me more than 5 mile easy run would have for a 6th day of running.[quote name="Michigan Planner" url="/t/69386/how-many-miles-did-you-run-today/9600#post_6987407 I did however try running across a snowy field and discovered that the snow was much deeper than I anticipated and sunk in...
New Posts  All Forums: