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9.7 miles w speed work.
5.8 miles tonite.I don't eat more or less while getting race ready for ultras. Get enough protein, rest, and fluids. Eat when you are hungry but eat healthy. You'll recover quicker and feel better. I'm mostly veggies and sometimes fish all the time. After a race I'll splurge and eat pizza or a burger.Agreed. That's fck'd up. Most races I've traveled to have no fee on race and most ask to leave pp on race day for those from out of town. Couple races have had no "day of"...
8.3 miles today.
18.2 road miles today. 8:26 pace. Feeling recovered from race. Ramping up mileage for next one.
You're right. It was the Cliftons. Good catch.
8.4 miles w hill repeats.I like them for recovery runs. The Clayton I's fit different than the the II's. I did not like the II's.
Light workout and 3.5 miles
7.5 miles of single track yesterday.
5.8 miles
5.3 miles
New Posts  All Forums: