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50k today. Dances w Dirt Devils Lake. Ran well. 5:40 finishing time. 42nd OA, 4th AG, 216 entrants. Some long hills, technical terrain, but many runnable areas. Good race and course.
4 miles and a core workout.
7.7 miles w intervals. Hot & humid.
6.7 miles on road at reasonable pace to test calf. Seems to be recovering. 50k on Saturday so need it to be healed. Ran on Kinvara 7's today. Different shoe than previous versions. Soft cushion but feel firm on road. I'll add them to the rotation.
7.7 miles of single track today. Hit 1000 miles for 2016.
6 miles yesterday. Had a calf muscle with some problems and took a few days off. Will push it tomorrow on single track and see how it holds up. First injury in quite a while and never a calf muscle before. Yard work with a lot of rock on Friday followed by back to back on Sat / Sun is what did it.
15.5 on Sat and 8.5 miles Sun.
11.2 miles with tempo intervals
8 miles
6.3 miles this morning.
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