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6.2 mile trail run tonite. In Milwaukee and got out on a portion of the Ice Age Trail. Congrats MP on the MCM and getting back out. Make sure you give yourself some easy slow runs to recover. Welcome Revis.
5.4 miles on Sunday. 9.5 miles Monday.
Roughly 11.6 trail miles this morning. There are very few things better in life than being in a groove on technical single track w/ music matching the footsteps.
4.6 miles this am and 5.7 miles this afternoon.
4.1 easy miles this am and 4.9 mile tempo run this evening.Hah, won't be last time either. Ultra's get addictive with the trails, course, destinations, and atmosphere.Next you'll be thinking "I could do a 50M" and it all just goes downhill from there.
9.1 miles today. 0 yesterday, but I did cross train for 3 hrs and 15 min by standing and rocking out with 18,000 friends at the Pearl Jam show in Milwaukee.
5.1 miles this morning. First week over 50 miles in a couple months.
15.5 trail miles today. A bit of snow falling when I started, but warmed up to around 40 by the time I was done. Good run and great to be back on trails.
Some other good bookmarks for trails and ultras:http://www.ultrunr.com/ (awesome information from top runners)http://www.ultramarathonrunning.com/ (looks of info)http://trailruncrazy.com/
4.1 miles this morning.
New Posts  All Forums: