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62.4 miles today. Ran the 100K on what amounts to the rockiest terrain I've ever run. Tough course but survived. Quite a few dropped down to the 2 loop 40 mile run due to the course and heat (78 degrees high). I did better than I thought I would. Placed 6th overall and ran a 13:39.
4.1 easy run. Off tomorrow and then spend some quality time in the woods Saturday.
8 miles w/ some speed work tonite.
Happy Eas...whoops, I meant Merry Christmas CP.We had 81 degrees on Sat and it snowed here yesterday. Nowhere near what you have. Getting to be a long winter / slow spring.
4.5 mile easy run tonite
9.5 mile trail run this morning.
5.2 mile easy run tonite. Blahspam, is this the 50k you were training for? What race did you settle on running?
11.4 miles today w/ mile tempo intervals. Last big run, start to taper now.Hamstring problems are no fun. If rest isn't quite getting it, try some of the dynamic stretches from Wharton's website. They helped me when mine was a bit tweaked in the past.
6.2 miles today. Nice HM PR MP. That's a very good time regardless of time of year.
Not there, but did get in and accepted for Pikes Peak marathon in August. Good news is that it's only one hill.
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