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17.1 trail miles today in new location. Moving to new job (good promotion, worse trails). Trails were more the x-country skiing variety than technical single track. Still some reasonable elevation and mostly grass / rocks. Highest point in WI, it is 49 ft short of being a mountain. Never saw anyone until the look out point at the top. Nice run, good pace, feel pretty good.[ quote name="jarude" url="/t/69386/how-many-miles-did-you-run-today/10035#post_7211751"]Runkeeper...
4.6 easy miles today. A bit longer run this weekend but this has been a nice recovery week for me.
7.5 miles tonite. One of my favorite workouts. 20 min warm up run, 10 x 1 min at 5K pace or faster w/ 1 minute recovery run between each fartlek, finish w/ 20 min cool down run.
5 miles today.
16 muddy trail miles Saturday. In regards to the height / weight discussion: I lost quite a few pounds from running over the years. 6 ft, 154 lbs. now.
5.0 miles tonite. I'd say if the lacing doesn't work on the wide toe box or foot slipping, then either a different insert (thicker) or thicker socks if you really want to keep them. I'd try the insert changeout and if that doesn't do it, take the shoes back.
10 miles w/ speed work.If the sizing is correct and it is only the foot moving and not an issue with the last, try this:http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/locklacing.htm
6.7 miles tonite.What? Wait a minute... no magic shoes. That's it, I'm tossing out all of my Inov-8's and maybe the NB 1400 road shoes too. Next you'll be posting something about Santa Claus.Way to go MP. Top 10 and a prize is pretty awesome. Good job. Did you finally get the family to come watch? You posted about this race being the one they could cheer you on close to home.
16.5 miles yesterday. 2800 ft elevation gain / 800 ft loss.
6.6 miles tonite.These work well on ice and packed snow.http://www.inov-8.com/new/global/Product-View-Oroc-280.html?L=27
New Posts  All Forums: