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6.4 miles on the treadmill. 11 inches of snow and single digits.
5.1 miles tonite. This should be an interesting race. We had 2 inches of snow last weekend, predictions are 6-10 inches of snow tomorrow, and another couple possible by Saturday. Could be running this 50K trail race on 8 -12 inches of snow. Wed - Thursday is down to single digits and negative temps. Warming to teens for Friday & race day. Should be a race to remember.
Tough conditions and race Fueco. Good effort to 63. Dropping is never fun, but you were in good company. Michele Yates (2013 female ultra runner of the year) dropped due to problems w/ heat and humidity as well. It's why finishing a 100 is a win all by itself no matter what the finish time. Rest up and get healthy. RICE.
9 miles of trails this morning on the race course for next Saturdays event. Got 3 inches of snow so running the trails was like running on hard sand. At least cold enough for no mud.
4.4 miles today
6.1 miles tonight. Go get 'em Fueco.
9.6 miles w/ intervals tonight. 50K next Saturday, so start the taper tomorrow.
7.3 miles tonite. Cold weather gear worked well. 10 degrees w/ wind chill at negative temps. T-shirt and Sugoi 220 jacket w/ Sugoi 180 firewall pants and winter boxers.Good luck w/ rain holding off Fueco. Temps look warm enough if it rains you'll be ok. However, some things you may have to plan for would be wet feet. Also, 50's w/ rain at night toward the middle to far end of the ultra may affect core temp.I'm about 250 - 300 calories per hour on my ultras and trail runs....
21 miles on trails yesterday.
6.1 miles yesterday. Negative temp wind chill and not as ambitious as the MI guys. Did the treadmill thing.
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