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4.3 miles today.
About 9 snow filled trail miles yesterday. Nice training run BlahSpam, what race is coming up?
4.7 miles tonite
5.1 miles tonite.
7 miles w/ some speed on the treadmill. Set at 2% grade right now. I've raised the grade every couple weeks by 1/2 percent so I get some work uphill for the entire run.It is warming up here to the teens and twenties this week and week end. I'll get out 2-3 days this week to run trails and outside. It is crazy cold here. This is yesterday morning on the way to work. Note the minus sign. [[SPOILER]]
5.7 miles today
3.1 miles yesterday on T-mill, 3.5 miles today in a snowshoe race (long 5k). Was negative 1 at start but a pretty good time. Had good clothing for weather. Tough age group (40-49), I took 5th place overall, but 3rd in AG. First snowshoe race.
Dances w/ Dirt - Green Swamp edition is for you.
6.9 miles yesterday and 6 miles today.Oh the pain and embarrassment of my poor performance. Knew I should have ran a couple miles that last day.I have revised my 2015 goals to run 2015 + 1.8 miles for a goal of 2016.8 to exact my revenge on MP.Nice year MP. How crazy is it that we were within 2 miles after an entire year of running.
Congrats Fueco. Awesome race. I've about this before. Watch the heat. IIRC, Ultrarunning magazine race reports had the heat as a big factor in finishing. I'm thinking the sand was an issue too, but haven't looked it up. I do remember reading about more than the heat. It is a popular race, but harder than advertised, if that's possible to underestimate a 100M ultra.I'd like to sign up for a 100M next year. Something to celebrate 50th B-day.
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