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16.9 miles today at 2.5% incline. Around 2350 ft incline gain. Nice run Yo-han. Race or just spending the day in the woods?
9.0 miles medium run tonite.
5.3 easy miles tonite. SB - Bundle up, all that sun, sand, and ocean looks really rough.
10.1 miles w/ half mile intervals.Thanks, good luck. Napa should be pretty cool but I'll bet the Giants is great scenery.I've got Boston in 10 weeks and that should have me in a good base to hit some ultras this summer and fall.
5.0 miles yesterday, recovery day today w/ core work. Fueco, what race coming up?
15.5 mile run today.
Roughly 3.6 miles today. Half mile warm-up and 5K snowshoe race. About half of it was powdery stuff that was tough running and half well packed single track. Fun run and took 3rd overall.
2.5 mile shake out run. 5K snowshoe race in morning.
8.6 miles tonite. Incline intervals.
5.5 easy miles today.Maybe for some. I find a long trail run deep in the woods w/ or w/o some music playing as one of the most enjoyable things I could do.If you're on a tread mill or the road, give the single track a shot.
New Posts  All Forums: