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2.2 miles today at a brisk walk / slow motion jog and some core work. Just getting back into things over the next week and begin running longer again shortly. Congrats MP. Welcome to trail running. I really enjoy it and find the time flies by. I'll bet you ran a small portion of the Dances w/ Dirt- Hell Edition course. They do a 50K / 50M in Sept that would be a blast to run. They have good events. Congrats as well to Borderline on completing your 1st marathon and on a...
Congrats on the finish and accomplishment. Tough race. Enjoy a good recovery period now, you earned it. .
You are not too far from Kansas City to run the Psycho Psummer 50K. Mid July timeframe. 3 loops around a lake on a great course. Technical trail with some rocky areas, great single track, and few short steep hills. Run by one of the best RD's for trail races and supported by ultra runners manning the aid stations. A great event and fun to be part of. http://www.psychowyco.com/id75.html
I understand your point to the poster that if you don't get out and go, you'll make excuses and not go. I agree.Aside from that, I know most people in this section run early during the week, but I've never been able to do that. I run only after work during the weekdays and then usually run early (7 or 8 am) on weekends. I already get up at 5 a.m. on weekdays and would be too early for me to go run early. I actually enjoy (most times) the stress relief and relaxation of a...
I have 3 foam rollers. 2 hand held (1 plastic bendable, 1 foam on hardwood) and 1 6" diameter with nubs on it to roll on. I use them after stretching each night or after a longer run. The IT band will hurt rolling on one or hand rolling them out. Just remember that most IT band injuries are the symptom not the cause. The rolling will help though.
62.4 miles today. Ran the 100K on what amounts to the rockiest terrain I've ever run. Tough course but survived. Quite a few dropped down to the 2 loop 40 mile run due to the course and heat (78 degrees high). I did better than I thought I would. Placed 6th overall and ran a 13:39.
4.1 easy run. Off tomorrow and then spend some quality time in the woods Saturday.
8 miles w/ some speed work tonite.
Happy Eas...whoops, I meant Merry Christmas CP.We had 81 degrees on Sat and it snowed here yesterday. Nowhere near what you have. Getting to be a long winter / slow spring.
4.5 mile easy run tonite
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