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6.6 miles tonite.These work well on ice and packed snow.http://www.inov-8.com/new/global/Product-View-Oroc-280.html?L=27
6.6 miles tonite and 10.4 trail miles on Saturday.
5.7 miles yesterday
5,2 miles today.
13.4 mud filled trail miles in the rain today.
6 miles tonite
7.7 miles tonite. 86 degrees, sunny, and humid. Congrats NOBD on the distance. Should feel good hitting a new milestone.
5 miles yesterday w/ core today. Back to training. Pikes Peak in 12 weeks.
I agree w/ MP and would add a couple things. Each race is different with elevation, crowd, distance, etc. Hard to say what a good time is for you personally. Don't get fixed on a really fast time that you don't hit and end up disappointed with your race. I would shoot for enjoying the run first and getting into a habit so that you can accomplish the first sentence in your post. Run an event and if you really enjoy the race then shoot for a faster time at another one or go...
33.1 trail miles today. Ran a 50K trail race that turned into a 53K as they sent me around a loop at the end of the first lap twice. Hadn't run it before and thought we were just running the course backward. Either way, still finished, did decent. Got hot and humid the last half. 80s w/ humidity made the last 10 miles a bit tougher.
New Posts  All Forums: