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10.5 miles today. Nice snow covered trail.
10.5 miles today. Nice snow covered trail. [[SPOILER]]
5.4 miles today
10.5 total miles today. 4.2 easy run this a.m. and 6.3 tempo tonite w/ 1 mile warm up and cool down. Nice race Myles, congrats on the finishing time and place. Tough to go to a warmer climate and race well.
8.2 snow covered trail miles today. Tough running. Way to go MP. Pretty cool run.
4.7 miles today
6 miles yesterday.
7.8 miles today in two runs. One this a.m. w/ some tempo and one this evening on the incline treadmill. This evening was a bit more than I can handle, but a good workout. 1.9 miles in 30 minutes w/ 1606 ft elevation gain. Workout goes in staggered incline raises up to 20 degree incline than raises 5 degrees every 2 minutes up to 40 degree incline, then back down. At 35 / 40 / 35 I had to use the front handles every 30 seconds on / off for those 6 minutes. So I had 3...
8.1 miles today on a snowy trail. More of a crushed gravel rail trail, so no single track. Hunting season right now and best to stay out of the woods. Some spots were packed down and others were untouched w/ about 6-8 inches of trail breaking for me. Inov8 282 Gore-Tex shoes were awesome. When done, my socks were still dry inside the shoes. Plenty of room for toes and heavier trail socks. Haven't been this impressed w/ a pair of shoes since my North Face single track Hyasa's.
3.6 miles this morning
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