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5.2 miles today.
6.9 tonite
8.4 miles tonite w/ hill repeats. A bit more than Jumpin' Jack Flash.
8 miles tonite. Wore a pair of Hoka Bondi 3's. Never been a fan of the look and size, but tried them tonite. Seemed a bit heavy and very rigid, but I ran as fast as normal as felt decent running in them. Jury is still out, but I may keep them for easy days.
6.2ish trail miles. Was going to go for an easy 100 minute run but got into a 10k trail race instead.
5 this am
10 miles tonite. FYI: Running warehouse sale just started. Shoes and apparel.
4.1 Monday easy run.I really like core 2 days / week. I've got the McMillan DVD set and #2 & #3 are great. Hamstrings, abs, lower back, but, and hip flexors both inside and out. It has helped me more than 5 mile easy run would have for a 6th day of running.[quote name="Michigan Planner" url="/t/69386/how-many-miles-did-you-run-today/9600#post_6987407 I did however try running across a snowy field and discovered that the snow was much deeper than I anticipated and sunk in...
Ran a bit over 24 trail miles today. Hit the amount of time I planned to spend on the trail, but not as many miles as the trail not in good condition. It was a very muddy course today and tough slog through it as it is pretty technical to begin with. [[SPOILER]] I take two days off per week. Usually do a core workout on those days, but every now and then I do nothing. Kinda nice every once in a while.
4.1 today. Big trail training run tomorrow.
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