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4.6 more miles tonite.
6.1 miles tonite
5.5 easy miles today.
Ran a 15K trail race this morning. Good run and some good rolling hills. 8th overall and 2nd in AG and a prize. The top 3 in each 10 yr AG got a 1lb wheel of cheese from the local dairy and cheese farm. Nice run and pace coco.
Welcome Coco. Good luck w/ upcoming race.I'd second the Hoka Clifton's as they are much lighter than the Conquests.The GT's are a heavier shoe but I'd say take a look at the Brooks ST racer 5's. They are similar in drop, softer feel, and lighter. A good distance shoe.
4 mile recovery run yesterday around Boston Commons. 5.2 mile easy run today (back home). Thanks all for comments on Boston. Was a great time and what a crowd for the race. The commitment by the town is indescribable. Kids, families, adults, teens, college kids, etc. The weather wasn't the best to run in (40's, very windy, and rainy the whole time) and was worse to spectate in. Talked to a few Bostonians after the race in bars and they all said, nothing would keep them...
26.4 of the most glorious miles in the world. Boston strong today'
Way to go Blah! Tough race and course. Good job working thru the ultra issues and coming out on top. Good stuff.
4.5 miles this am. Last run. Sitting at airport, excited as hell right now.
7.6 miles last night w cruise intervals.
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