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Heard bad things about the Yaks Trax breaking pretty easily, but that was on trails. Not sure how they would fair on the roads. Last snow we had, I ran with my trail shoes and they worked great. If icy, Salomon and Inov-8 both make studded shoes with some steel and rubber spikes mixed thoughout the bottom. Another idea that is far less expensive and seems to have a big following is taking an older pair of shoes and putting screws into the bottom. They do this a lot on the...
Good luck healing up BG. Is this something you have always had or just started coming on with training for longer races? Do you know what caused the pain?
8 miles today. Hill repeats. Signed up for a 50K that takes place in Feb. I really phk'ed that one up last year and it tore me up. Will be a different story this time. Almost 50 degrees here all week until Friday/Sat when it gets cold again. Waahoo, short and t-shirt today on the run.
FYI, Running warehouse has the Sugoi 180 jacket in medium for $90, normally $150. A light winter (10 - 30 degree) running jacket that is wind resistant. Great piece of equipment. For reference, I wear a medium at 6", 157 lbs, size 40 jacket.
An easy 7 mile recovery run today.
10.4 miles yesterday for the Winter chili trail run. Didn't get the snow expected. Was cold enough to freeze the trail and mud, so good conditions. Race was capped at 150 people. Had a great race. PR'd by quite a few minutes, took 9th overall, 1st place in AG, and 1st in 40+ Masters. Great day on the trails. Good job Fueco on the back to back runs. January is right around the corner...
4.8 miles today. Got a short trail race on Saturday morning of 1 loop of the 3 loop 50K (10.4 miles). Winter storm warning for the area. Freezing rain followed by 3-6 inches of snow by Saturday morning. Some wind, but in the woods should be blocked with temps in low 20's. Should be an absolute blast.
6.8 miles w/ some fartlek speed work today.
4.3 easy miles at target heart rate.Don't you carry fluid in handheld or backpack? Some Sustained energy, Perpetuem, or any of the other carb mixes would carry you thru those runs over 1 hour or more. Or carry a couple of gel paks in your handheld, back pocket, etc.
5.1 miles today. Snowed a few inches and decided to take advantage of it on the road. There were between 1 and 2 inches on the road, so put on the Inov8 trail 255's and went for what amounted to a trail run on the road.
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