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6.5 tonite
9 miles tonite.
4.1 miles today
13.1 easy paced half today. Decent hills, good crowd, and had fun.
Congrats on the race, should be a great time. What an awesome opportunity. Couple of the guys on here from the area I believe have run it before and could give you some good advice about training and the actual course. Lots of training plans out there and I'm sure all of them have some similar attributes. I still advocate using the McMillan program that they put together for you. I used it for a 16 week program and thought it was great. Even the weeks around 50 miles had...
4.5 miles today.
5.3 miles of hill running this afternoon. For an end of November run, it wasn't too bad. 35 degrees, 25 mph winds (wind chill in the 20's), and drizzling at times. Wait a minute, it's mid-April in the Midwest...wtf is with the weather. Actually it really was a good run once I got going and warmed up. Love hill training.
7 windy, drizzly miles. Tried out my new jacket, made for a nice run.
5 miles today. Prayers to the families in Boston.
I'll toss one more in there that cranks me up everytime it happens and I see it more and more. If you stop or run thru a water station and grab some water, the cup goes in the trash can or close to it at end of stop. If you can't get it close, toss it to the side of the road away from other runners. Don't toss it behind you, in the air, or over your shoulder.YesterdayI saw one guy get socks soaked from an idiot tossing a mostly full cup to the inside of the road. I got to...
New Posts  All Forums: