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Tks guys. Those pictures are from my crew and really help convey what it was like.Race was the Inaugural Prarie Spirit Trail 50 / 100. Eastern part of Kansas. Snow and wind were bad for the 50's but brutal for the 100 mile runners. Ended with about 6-8 inches of snow in the area plus blowing areas up to over a foot. Power outages coming into some towns, windier and colder as the night went on.The day of race produced 6 total finishers. The park dept called the race after...
Some pics from the 50M ultra I recently completed.First pic - not a bad day.2nd & 3rd pic- coming and leaving aid station with 17 miles to goLast pic - coming to the finish through a bit of townAwesome stuff, great time and test. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks, I'll take it for the day, but that's about it. There are some pretty heavy hitters (Fueco, Sam BB, Myles, and 11oclock to name a few) in here that have some very impressive accomplishments.First 50M.Always wanted to do an ultra and now seemed like the right time.Impressive weather for the first day of spring. The 50 was tough enough. There was a 100M too. There were 68 signed up a couple days prior to the race. Several didn't show, many changed to 50M knowing the...
50 for me today. No typo. Just completed a 50 mile ultra. Half of it in snow with about 15 in a headwind blizzard. Got some great pics I'll post when I get home. Hit my target of finishing in under 10 hrs. Won't wow anyone with the pace, but it did it for me and took 16th place overall. Great day and great run.
4 miles today. Clicked on what I thought was this thread and was shocked by the all the high mileage being ran (40+ by all). Took a couple seconds to realize I was in the RIDE thread.
+ 4 = 2395.8
Well kept pre-owned Canali. Purchased new, no longer fits as I'm down to a 40R and can't make this work so it is up for sale. This suit is Navy blue with light blue stripes. Pics with tag is best representation. Suit is a 54 eu and fits like a 44R but please check measurements below. In inches: Chest: 22.5 Waist: 21 Shoulder: 19.5 Sleeve: 25 (+1.5) BOC: 31 100% Wool 2 Button, Dual Vent Pants: Waist: 34 (+2) Inseam 31.5 (+2) Cuffs: No Flat Front Shipping free CONUS...
+ 4.1 = 2359.0
4.1 miles today.
RLBL 44R sport coat. Color is Black / White (or silver) Houndstooth. Bought on SF but no longer fits me, so is back for sale here. Very nice for spring, summer, and early fall. Check measurements (inches) Chest: 22 Waist: 20.5 Shoulder: 19.5 Sleeve: 24.5 (+1) BOC length: 30 100% wool 2 button, dual vent CONUS only. Int'l pays for shipping costs. Full pic is a bit fuzzy as I can't get the camera to focus with the houndstooth pattern. Pic with tag is most accurate...
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