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5.2 mile easy run today.
7.6 mile fartlek run
5.1 miles at easy pace today.I added a 47" TV to my 10.5" android on the treadmill. While I hate the Tmill, it does make things quite a bit better. [[SPOILER]] Blah - Great pic and trail to run. Looking forward to spring.
11.2 trail miles today. Nice weather, 33 degrees and some tromped down snow on the trails made a nice run.
Treadmill, one of the few benefits.
6.7 miles tonite w/ hills. 1200+ ft gain, no loss.
7.1 mile tempo run
4.3 miles today.
About 9 snow filled trail miles yesterday. Nice training run BlahSpam, what race is coming up?
4.7 miles tonite
New Posts  All Forums: