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8.6 miles tonite
5.4 miles today
10.6 miles today. Congrats JB on the 50K finish and breaking 6 hrs. It's tough not to do another one. They are all different, challenging, and fulfilling. WTG SB. 12K is an odd distance but a pretty good race after 18 miles the day before.
5.5 miles in St. George NB earlier this week and 8 miles yesterday back at home, done w/ vacation. Was able to get about 30 miles in while on va. Made up for the several lbs of lobster.A really nice city to visit and the food scene is awesome. Very nice restaurants and pubs. Stayed at Radisson downtown by shorefront and was right in the middle of a lot of things to do and places to go. A few things that surprised me about Halifax: Quite a few Irish pubs, almost no accent,...
8.2 imiles n Moncton, NB and 6.2 miles in Halifax, NS this am. Halifax is a really nice city.
5.7 miles this am in Bangor, Maine. On vacation for a week and starting in Bangor and working our way to Halifax. Should get some miles in along the shore hopefully. Need to figure out how many miles per lobster eaten I will need to run.
0 miles today however, recv'd my official email from the BAA stating I am IN for Boston in April 2015!!
7.1 miles tonite
11.1 miles today.Congrats on the finish MP. Not all the races go as planned but this was your warm up anyway. Be careful w/ getting back on the road too quickly. 2 days after a tough marathon while sick isn't going to do you much good. You may want to consider a pretty slow pace w/ a short run.
5.2 miles tonite.If no other options for hills / elevation, do 90 - 120 second intervals on what ever incline you can find. Not the same as running long hills but will be a reasonable alternative. Warm up w/ a few miles, intervals, then a few miles of cool down.
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