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About 7 miles tonite, just over an hour, in the dark, on the trails, in 18 degrees w/ a bit of wind. Great time and good run. Took about a mile or so to warm up, but the Sugoi jacket worked well. There was a bit of snow on the trails to help light the trail along w/ the Remix. Running at night in the woods is awesome.
6.5 miles tonite w/ intervals.I think anything will lose battery life in the very cold weather. Looking for a headlamp rated with a bright enough lumen and long burn life is the key. If you want long life and very bright, the Black Diamond Icon is hard to beat due to having 4 AA batteries, but you sacrifice weight. It's pretty heavy. I still think my earlier post about the Princeton Remix is one of the best headlamps for the money. I wore one tonite and ran some intervals...
7.2 miles tonite.
Injinji has the 2.0 Trail socks on sale at their site for $12 / pair. $3 off the normal price.
3.1 yesterday. 10.4 miles on the trails today. Great to get out there again and beautiful day here. Legs feel good from ramping up slowly over the last couple weeks.
4 miles yesterday. 6.1 this morning. About 30 degrees, nice and sunny, good fun run. Was pretty windy and made it colder wearing shorts. Got home and remembered with it being winter now, may have to break out the winter wind briefs for longer runs. Forgot how painful and uncomfortable the cold wind can be. Fueco / Jbar: Not sure if you guys are fans of Injinji socks or not, but the new 2.0 Performance Trail socks are awesome. Very comfortable, dry, and just built really...
They do a nice job with this. You'd have a blast running with everyone there. Have one in FL, WI, IN, and MI.I ran the one in WI, the winter one is by you, and the guys who run the whole thing are right up by MP and CP selling them running gear at Running Fit in Ann Arbor. Small world.
5.2 miles today
Beautiful Zegna Trofeo 40R (50eu) in black with very thin alternating white and brown stripes roughly 3/8" apart. This suit is perfect for this time of year with the cool / cold weather season upon us as it is a wool flannel suit. The style is a 3 button, no vent, pleated pant with cuffs. Please check measurements for fit. Measurements are listed below in inches: Chest: 21.5 Waist (1st button): 19.5 Shoulders: 19 Sleeve: 25 (+1) BOC length: 30.5 Pants: Waist:...
BG - Ever run the Dances w/ Dirt Green Swamp addition? Its around Dade City. They have 4 of them around the country. Pretty good time.
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