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Another 4.4 miles today. Rest and relax during your taper Myles. Hard not to get excited about it during the wait. While quite a bit shorter distance, my 50K Dances w dirt is less than 5 days away.
4.4 miles today.
10.4 miles
8.5 miles w/ some speed work. Great patience and hard work CP. Congrats.
5.9 miles tonite. Nice pic of park SB. Nice place to run.
7,1 miles today. Big 3 days for me with close to 39 miles. 50K Dances w/ Dirt in 2 weeks. Start peaking / tapering now. MP - Nice pics. Small parks out of the way are sometimes the best. Myles - Way cool trip and looks like you are ready for VT with those runs. Quads should be trashed w/ those ascents and descents. I'd think the calfs aren't too happy either. MP / SB - I'm at 886 thru end of June.
10.4 miles today.
About 21.5 miles today of trail running give or take a 1/4 mile. I normally know the course and the distance but also ran another loop and a side trail that added some distance. Also, good luck to all WS100 runners as they finish today / tomorrow.
Garmin 610, interval setting.
7.1 miles today.Neighbors looking out window thinking wtf is he doing.
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