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7.3 miles tonite. 85 degrees and some speed work. Tough run.
5.9 tonite.
I hear you and found that funny as the same type of thing happneded for me. I bought an incline trainer. Did a workout and set it to a 25 degree incline for 10 minutes at a 15 min / mile pace. Thought that would be an easy good start. Wow, was I wrong. The forefoot is all that touches the belt at that incline. Did 1 minute on, then 30 seconds on / 30 seconds off (standing on platform resting), last full minute on and it was a killer. Thought I was either way out of shape...
13.2 miles today in a nice rolling hills half marathon. Very little if any flat running. Either uphill or downhill. It was an out and back so if you went up it, you got to go down it and vice versa on the way back. Set PR for ave pace in Half M by 1 second per mile. Not much, but this early in the year, I'll take it.
4.1 easy run tonite. Start training plan Monday for Half in my old hometown and then Dances w/ Dirt 50K in July.
6.2 miles tonite.
5.1 tonite.
6.1 miles tonite. Keep rolling Fueco. Sounds like a good time.
10.4 mile trail run this morning. Very muddy from all the rain and snow. Inov-8 Mudclaws 272's were awesome. Best shoe I've ever wore in mud. Great traction and cleared the mud from the lugs and shoes really well.
6 miles today. Nice winter day with blustery winds and snow falling. Weather channel predicting 3-5 inches tonite and another inch tomorrow. Kansas City has only had 1 day of measurable snow in May in the history of recorded snow falls. Suppose I should be honored to run in it as part of history. Merry Christmas to all.
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