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Tough race Blah. Crewing all night and then hitting a tough 100K might not be the way to go next time. Hard enough distance without the extra issues. My own race report from last Saturday: Ran a 50K that I had planned to break 6 hours and have a good race. My old course and trail area. Way too much rain leading up to the race moved the course to all bridle trails and also added .8 miles to each loop to put each loop at just over 11 miles. To add to the beat up course, it...
About 33 miles on a brutal muddy trail today for a 50k race. Race report to follow in a couple days.
TksThanks Jbarwick. They shuffled race to bridle trails and off the mtn bike single track. Should be a mudfest.I ran Dances w dirt a year ago and at mile 30 there was a few people helping a lady get to an ambulance after she tripped and landed face first on a downhill w rocks. She was unconscious for a bit and pretty bloody.
4.5 miles today. Last run prior to race.
8.2 very hilly miles at a decent pace. 50k Saturday and it has been all rain here for several days w more to come. Course is a 10.5 mile loop of bridal and single track. Solid mud. May be a tough slog just to finish.
4.1 miles Sunday.
10.4 miles today
Here's a couple races that have my attention. Sounds like a blast. http://www.marathontours.com/index.cfm/page/Paris-to-Rome-Two-Fer-Package/pid/14860 Halfway point for the year: 1029 miles as of 6/30.
6.2 miles today
8.3 miles yesterday w hill repeats.
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