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5.1 yesterday. Temps in 60s. Dressed in winter gear to keep w heat acclimation. 80s and 90s next couple days. Forecast for marathon Sunday is low 40s. Should be interesting.
9 miles today. Congrats 11 o'clock. Trying this next Sunday to BQ myself.
Speaking of the Rocky's, I forgot about this one. Take a look at the Pike Peak Marathon in August. That looks like a blast. There's about a 1 hr Youtube video on the Ascent (Half) and then the next day Marathon (Full). I may try to do this one next year. What views from the top.
12.1 today w/ 1 mile tempo intervals. Congrats Fueco on completing the race. They can't all be PR's, but staying w it thru adversity and suffering to the end counts for something.
5.7 tonite. Felt good to get out after being sick for last few days. Low 80's was nice too instead of mid 90's.Thanks, for some reason thought maybe you were overseas (with the states vacation comment) coming here for an ultra and wanted to see if you had any questions that maybe I could help answer.Nashville isn't too far from KC area. If you are ever looking closer to home, the Trail nerds are one of the largest trail running clubs in the Midwest. Many 50K's during the...
Jbarwick: What ultras have you run before and what type of terrain are you used to? There are quite a few ultras in the states of many lengths. Not sure how familiar you with them all or if you have some in mind as it is a vacation. Most of them are in winter (south), spring (everywhere) and fall (everywhere). If you are out of commission until Dec., a spring run may be tough to train for in time.Yikes SB, what happened. I'm in my taper for 2 weeks and have missed 2...
^ Been living w that for several weeks / months here around KC too. Just banking on the cooler weather in fall to help drop overall times.
16 miles today. Went at 6:30 am to attempt to avoid the heat here. Temp was 81 at end of run. Crazy hot here for this time of year. Was 100+ this afternoon.
7 miles this am.
12.5 yesterday and 5.8 today. Kinda nice to run in low to mid 80's.
New Posts  All Forums: