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Nice weather guys. Woke up to somewhere around 6-8 inches of snow today and temps in 20's. Got out on the trails this morning to try out my new snowshoes. Pretty cool running in them. Got about 5.4 miles in snowshoes. A little tougher workout on the legs.Pics of snow at house this morning, trail, and new shoes. [[SPOILER]]
9 miles today on trails.
4.8 miles today. Merry Christmas all.
10 miles today on snowy trails. Was about 30 degrees and ran during a snow storm. Kind of fun. I got first tracks and there was anywhere from 2 inches to 6 inches of snow. Ran on half single track and half rail trail.For those of you missing a white Christmas run, here's a few pics to get you by. [[SPOILER]]
6.6 miles today.
8.4 miles today. 25 degrees, nicely packed snowy trail run, 8:20 ave pace. Nice run, decent weather, good to get outside.
4.6 miles today.
4.5 miles today. Garmin 610 for me. No phone unless I need a pic or going deep into a trail run w/ very few people around. Not a treadmill guy, but have one and use it more than I'd like. Too much snow, lack of shoulder and plowed road, darkness, and the main road is a highway that is 55 mph adds up me on treadmill Mon-Thurs. I get out early enough on Fri - Sun to hit a trail or another section of road. The incline trainer, 10 inch tablet, I-fit courses, and varying...
6.3 miles today.
6.4 miles today.
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