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5.1 miles at a quicker than normal pace today.
15.4 miles today.
5.4 easy miles today
8.2 miles w/ hill repeats. Tough run.
9.4 miles of more DC exploring. Fairly hot. A guy ruuning across the bridge coming toward me fell flat on his face. A few of us helped him up and gave him some water. Big raspberry on his chin. I think the heat got to him and he just went down.
7.3 miles around our nations Capital and monuments. Out here in DC celebrating getting old.
5.2 miles
9.2 miles
4.5 miles today
8.4 miles on the trails today. Nice day.Any snake on the trail will get your attention pretty quickly. When I ran my 100K in Kansas, about 30 miles into it I was on some single track in a field w/ lots of brush and high grass. 10 ft up the trail was a rattlesnake that the only reason I saw him was he moved into the X position as he saw me coming. Scared the shit out of me. I stopped, told him I'm going to take a couple big steps around the trail, and would appreciate it if...
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