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6.7 miles tonite. Very windy (30 mph) made it tough to dress for 25 degrees. Too warm w/ the wind, a bit cold against. MP - Great pic. How's the Petzl working? Is that the NAO? Looks heavy.
5.7 miles tonite.That's awesome Fueco, go big. No negatives from me. Just remember that finishing the race is a victory too.Not sure the temp down in TX on race night, but if you need to borrow something for cold weather that you don't have shoot me a pm and we can work out details.
That's a good pace for any ultra, especially a long one. You planning that at RR? Puts you in at sub-17 hours.
17 miles on trails today.
I found it to really help the recovery process over the next few days too. I wasn't nearly as sore. It worked anytime you were going long and that was for whatever your own personal definition of long was. I took one the first time I ran 13 miles and also right after my 50 miler. Helped just as much both times. The best way to acclimate was to get in first and then turn on the cold water. When water covered the entire legs, add a couple ice packs, and read a magazine for...
7.2 miles last night.
8 miles tonite w/ hill training. Out of town right now and found a big ass hill to do repeats on. One of those runs where you feel awesome when your done. I enjoy running hills.
5.7 miles today. What a roller coaster of temps here. Last week was single digits, then 40's and 50's over weekend, back into teens and low 30's over next few days. Either way, every day is a bit closer to spring and we gain a minute or two of daylight. Waiting for March to turn clocks ahead. Not a fan of running in the dark and cold.
10.4 mile trail run today.
5.5 miles today.
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