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7.3 miles this am.
10.4 mile trail run this a.m. Good run and good trail. Way to go CP. Most people would have probably just given up running. Good luck with the races.
7.3 miles today.
5.9 miles today in the first taste of summer heat. 93 degrees with bluebird skies. About 2.5 miles into the run reminded me of what last summer was like. Good to start getting acclimated, only going to get hotter. 95+ I start breaking out the "ice sock".
Thought so with that kind of long run and then mileage on sore legs next day. I think you mentioned that you were running that 100 in an earlier post, sorry, I forgot.Good luck with training and race. Awesome to be running it.
4,75 miles this morning.
Nice 5K time. What are you ramping up for with all the mileage? 40 miles over the weekend is a tough weekend on the legs.
13.36 on Saturday in a small town (my former hometown) Half. This half is a bit long as it adds close to another qtr mile on. Not just tangents, but they want to end at the park, so it makes it a bit longer. Beat my previous best ave mile pace by 11 seconds and set a new PR for overall time even with the added distance. 2nd in 10 yr AG and a great run for me. Next up is the 50K Dances w/ dirt trail run in July.
6.1 miles tonite
8.25 today w/ intervals. Glad to hear you can run again CP. Good news on the running store and shoes.
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