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Ran 50k today at Dances w Dirt. Broke 6 hrs and placed 5th in AG and 40th overall. Great race for me. Hard to explain how a 11:25 pace rocks for me but a tough trail is the best I can do.
4.1 Thursday. Missed Wed run due to flu and 100.6 degree fever. Starting to feel better and race day is Sat. Rest and fluids today.
Another 4.4 miles today. Rest and relax during your taper Myles. Hard not to get excited about it during the wait. While quite a bit shorter distance, my 50K Dances w dirt is less than 5 days away.
4.4 miles today.
10.4 miles
8.5 miles w/ some speed work. Great patience and hard work CP. Congrats.
5.9 miles tonite. Nice pic of park SB. Nice place to run.
7,1 miles today. Big 3 days for me with close to 39 miles. 50K Dances w/ Dirt in 2 weeks. Start peaking / tapering now. MP - Nice pics. Small parks out of the way are sometimes the best. Myles - Way cool trip and looks like you are ready for VT with those runs. Quads should be trashed w/ those ascents and descents. I'd think the calfs aren't too happy either. MP / SB - I'm at 886 thru end of June.
10.4 miles today.
About 21.5 miles today of trail running give or take a 1/4 mile. I normally know the course and the distance but also ran another loop and a side trail that added some distance. Also, good luck to all WS100 runners as they finish today / tomorrow.
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