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8.25 today w/ intervals. Glad to hear you can run again CP. Good news on the running store and shoes.
6.1 miles this morning.
Was out of town last 9 days or so for work and then vacation. Missed some postings. Thursday last week 10.4 miles, 3 days off, Mon - 12, Wed - 6.5, Thurs - 7.5 and today (Sat) - 10.3. A bit over 700 miles at end of May for year. Was shooting for 1500+ for year. While on vacation, we were in DC. I got a nice run in the took me by the White House, Washington mon, WWII memorial, Vietnam Mem, Lincoln Mem, ran the reflecting pond, the Jefferson Mem, and a few other statues,...
5.4 Wed and 10.5 Thurs.
7.1 miles with hill repeats.
5.4 tonite.
7.3 miles this morning.Great job guys. Some fast times and a few PR's are always good to keep the motivation up.
10.3 mile trail run today. Hot, humid, and many ticks. 3 postings to myself? To quote Roger Waters, "is there anybody out there"?
1 hour trail run. Roughly 6 miles. Myles, awesome trail run to experience. Pictures are great online.
7.3 miles tonite. 85 degrees and some speed work. Tough run.
New Posts  All Forums: