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TksThanks Jbarwick. They shuffled race to bridle trails and off the mtn bike single track. Should be a mudfest.I ran Dances w dirt a year ago and at mile 30 there was a few people helping a lady get to an ambulance after she tripped and landed face first on a downhill w rocks. She was unconscious for a bit and pretty bloody.
4.5 miles today. Last run prior to race.
8.2 very hilly miles at a decent pace. 50k Saturday and it has been all rain here for several days w more to come. Course is a 10.5 mile loop of bridal and single track. Solid mud. May be a tough slog just to finish.
4.1 miles Sunday.
10.4 miles today
Here's a couple races that have my attention. Sounds like a blast. http://www.marathontours.com/index.cfm/page/Paris-to-Rome-Two-Fer-Package/pid/14860 Halfway point for the year: 1029 miles as of 6/30.
6.2 miles today
8.3 miles yesterday w hill repeats.
5.5 miles yesterday and 6.7 today. An awesome performance by Krar at WS100.
Roughly 20 trail miles yesterday.
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