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Nice job for 8 miles. Tough pace to hold during training.
That monster is Hope Pass. It hits you at mile 40-45 and then you get to run it again at mile 52. He said they added 800 ft of elevation to Hope Pass this year on the course.
20.7 miles today. Wraps up a long week at 58 and change miles. While it seemed a tough week, nothing compared to the weekend run in Colorado. A buddy of mine that I train with finished the Leadville 100 this morning in 26:12. On his feet for 2 sunrises. Awesome run. Here is the course profile.
Good goals. Tough goals. +30 second / mile pace marathon improvement and about a 18:30 5K to beat yourself in a race 14 year ago.Does the MCM have wave starting or is it go with the flow for the first 2 miles until you have some room to move?
13 miles today. Warm-up, 2 mile tempo intervals, 200 meter intervals, cool down. Fairly tough work out. Last week, this week, and next 2 weeks are the top of my training curve so things don't get easier.
5.9 miles Thursday. Nice job MP on the 1K mileage. What now? SB, you must have gotten a late start this year, you put quite a few miles on. Surprised your only around 600.
12 today.
6.9 miles today. Nice easy run.
20 mile hot tough run today.
Yeah, just joking. Fartleks are short quick runs similar to intervals. These were 1 min sub-5K pace and 1 min recovery jog x 12 reps w/ a warm-up and cool down run included.
New Posts  All Forums: