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Garmin 610, interval setting.
7.1 miles today.Neighbors looking out window thinking wtf is he doing.
94 degrees at start of run and 91 at end of run today. Went to the high school track. Tough run. 2.5 miles warm-up, 5 x 7 min @ 10K-HM pace w/ 3 min recovery, 2.5 miles cool down. 11 miles total. The recovery part was as much walking as slow jogging.
4.7 tonight.
Nice runs Myles. Piling on the heavy mileage affects people differently. Awesome that your legs and core can handle things well right now. Good luck with the cold, maybe just a summer cold at a bad time.Is the elevation in CO the same as the VT run? Looked up the VT100 and see you have about 15K climb and descent. From the description, looks like the weather (heat) will play a big part of the run as most of the uphill portion looks like you hit it in the daylight. Some...
Saturday 10.5 and Sunday 8.2.
7.4 miles today.
7.1 today. Good job SB w/ the Half. Good looking medal. MP - triples? Just such a nice day out that you couldn't stay indoors or the shoes were really really comfortable or training for back to back to back races?
5.75 today.
Received mine today. They are better in person than what the pictures show. Surprisingly soft leather and a great fit. Awesome boot to start. Will update after wearing them for a while.
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