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6.6 miles on Monday and 8.1 miles on Tuesday.
5.1 miles Friday and 10.4 trail miles today.
Bucket of water w some ice in it. Soak for 10 - 15 min a day. That one takes a bit to recover. Do you know how it happened? Mileage, hills, or shoes? Step on something wrong?
7.4 miles w hills & speed workout.
4.3 easy miles today. Legs and cardio feel good and recovered from Saturdays race. Speed work on hills tomorrow.
Yea, there are a couple short steep hills and one ass kicker a bit over a mile at around 22 miles or so into things. It really is a great course and set up nicely.That sucks. You had some good training and elevation runs going on. You could find one in early to mid Sept and redo the last 6-8 weeks of your training plan. Lots of ultras to choose from in that month.
31.2 miles today. Paced a friend in his first 50K.
6.4 and 5.6 miles earlier this week. Took off the last 2 days. Pacing a friend in his first 50K tomorrow at Dances With Dirt - Devils Lake edition. The Running Fit guys from MP's neighborhood have this event and put on a good race. Should be a blast. Thunderstorms may even hold off until we are done.
9.5 quick trail miles today.
8.1 miles yesterday with some interval speed work.4 easy miles today.You can look up where you are on mapquest and see what road goes for a while and take that. Or,take a bottle of water or a backpack w/ a 2 liter capacity and just go for a nice enjoyable run without having a plan. Some music, some water, couple S-caps, Napa Valley and you.
New Posts  All Forums: