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4.5 miles tonite
3.1 easy miles today. Took a few days off after the ultra and then caught the flu or something for the last few days. Today was starting to feel better and wanted to get a run in. Easy 5K just to get back into things and see how I felt. No problems, so should be able to ramp things back up. Plan to stay around 25-ish miles and just keep a light base for about a month and then start getting ready for Boston. I'm now in the upper part of Wisconsin, so we have lots of snow...
45 miles today. Ran the Icebox 480 today. 480 was minutes of the race, so an 8hour run. First time running a timed event rather than a distance. The course was all single track and reasonably technical, but not terrible. Lots of roots, some rocks, some off chamber, and lots of rolling hills for some good elevation changes. Really a nice course to run. Loops were 7 miles and then if you finished a loop in the final hour, then you went to the 1 mile loop course. Had to...
4.5 miles tonite
Nope. Not in Hoka's or AE's. Northern WI now, now MI. Just Wings / MI sports fan (Dad from there).
6 pair is a good start and could lead to bigger things. Get into trails too and it will grow. I would be a bit embarrassed to say just how many running shoes I own. I'll leave it at I have 9 or 10 pair of Inov8 alone.Speaking of new shoes, I've been part of our Hoka discussions and in the minority that didn't like them. Just tried the latest Clifton model and very impressed w lt weight and cushioning. Still not very flexible is my only complaint but a good shoe.8.4 miles...
4.4 Sunday. Congrats on finishing NYC SB. Was cool to see it broadcast on tv.
Around 9.5 miles on trails this a.m. 25 degrees and about an inch of snow. Last day before DST (worst day of the year). Running in the dark during weekdays now.No sure where the avi went. Seems to have disappeared from where it used to be on my computer. Here's a new one.
6.4 miles tonite. Just under 1500 for year w/ the end of Oct here.
6.2 mile trail run tonite. In Milwaukee and got out on a portion of the Ice Age Trail. Congrats MP on the MCM and getting back out. Make sure you give yourself some easy slow runs to recover. Welcome Revis.
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