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6.3 miles with some short speed work tonite.Knuckle lights work well for street running. Not bright enough for technical trails. The Princeton Tech Remix is a cheap, light, & very bright headlamp that can be used on trails or street too. If the neighborhood or roads are bright enough, a general road reflection vest is light and works well.CP- Tough spill. Hope your up and around quickly. I stay off the sidewalks and on the street due that reason, kids toys, and dogs that...
5.2 miles today.
10.6 miles yesterday.$225 for test, results on paper w/ interpretations, and doctor consultation after.
Achilles and calf a bit sore for some reason, so took a day off. Had a Max VO2 test yesterday at heart institute. Interesting test. Start out at 3 mph and 0 incline. About every 10-15 seconds the incline goes up 0.5 degrees until it hits 22 degrees. Once there, it begins to increase speed by 0.1 mph every 10-15 seconds until you cry uncle. Your hooked up to a ton of wires, a snorkel to only breath thru your mouth, a blood pressure cuff (measured every 2-3 minutes while...
4.8 easy miles tonite. BG- Nice run and congrats on the pace from where you were. Jbar - Good to see you getting back out and healing up. CP- the 5-1 game is the one that still makes me puke. No relief pitching on Tigers. MP- Sorry to hear about the possible race cancellation. Start looking for a back-up, no reason to waste the training. There is a RW mag article on that topic this month.
6.9 miles tonite
5.2 mile recovery run today.
17.2 miles fast finish long run. Easy run until the last 5.5 miles @ 7:34 ave pace. Really solid run for me. Will start to taper next week about 11 days out from my last major race of the season. Used the Alpha pak from UltrAspire today. Holds 2L of fluid and really nice storage compartments for a light pak. With the cooler weather, I didn't need that much water, but nice to have. Good pak for longer training runs so no need to stop or plan for water. With most races, I...
9.3 miles today w/ 1 mile intervals.Suppose I'll be the first one to grab the set up line...Sounds like an easy way to get a runners high when short on time.
I ran in the Pure Cadence2's last night. They are a pretty decent shoe. If you are fans of Brooks Pure line, I'd give the NB MR1400 v1 a shot. They are on sale now due to v2 coming out. Running warehouse had them for $50, but I think they are running out of sizes now.
New Posts  All Forums: