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5.1 miles yesterday.
About 13 trail miles this morning.
5.2 today. In the 40's with wind. That wind is bringing a snow storm and temps in the single digits to negative digits for the next few days. Record low temps. We aren't as bad as the north, but it's supposed to be 48 high / 28 low average right now. I'm ready for spring.
5.1 miles
Another thought for keeping keys on yourself while running is running the key through a lace on your shoe similar to a race timing chip. 10.3 miles tonite w/ mile repeats. So, have to ask if any of you have ever taken or been on this stuff. A bit of info...My sinus infection has not gone away for 10 days and felt like it was coming back and getting worse. Not bad enough to stop training, but a pretty good inconvenience. So doctor see's me and says we need to try...
7.3 miles tonite.
5.3 miles yesterday and 11.3 trail miles today. Over flu except still have the sinus infection. Should be gone in a couple days and back to normal training.
4.4 miles tonite for first time in 5 days. Was sick for a few days and not well enough to run. Felt good to get out today for a bit. 100K in April coming up.
10.2 miles Saturday. Congrats NOBD on your race.
Not sure if I shared this before or not, so posting. If any of you guys are training and getting into some longer runs (time or mileage) and looking for different fueling / nutrition strategies, I tried Vitargo and have been really impressed. It is more expensive than Sustained Energy or Perpetuem by Hammer, so I only use it on longer runs. Still use SE for shorter runs as it is cheaper and doesn't cause me gastric problems until I'm out there for while. The Vitargo...
New Posts  All Forums: