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5 miles yesterday w/ core today. Back to training. Pikes Peak in 12 weeks.
I agree w/ MP and would add a couple things. Each race is different with elevation, crowd, distance, etc. Hard to say what a good time is for you personally. Don't get fixed on a really fast time that you don't hit and end up disappointed with your race. I would shoot for enjoying the run first and getting into a habit so that you can accomplish the first sentence in your post. Run an event and if you really enjoy the race then shoot for a faster time at another one or go...
33.1 trail miles today. Ran a 50K trail race that turned into a 53K as they sent me around a loop at the end of the first lap twice. Hadn't run it before and thought we were just running the course backward. Either way, still finished, did decent. Got hot and humid the last half. 80s w/ humidity made the last 10 miles a bit tougher.
4.9 w/ fartleks today. [quote name="jbarwick" url="/t/69386/how-many-miles-did-you-run-today/9825#post_7117348 Anyone else have tricks to cooling off quickly other than an ice bath? [/quote] Wish I knew a way to do this. Aside from the normal cold shower, drinking cold water, or slowing down the last 5-10 to let body recover are about all I know of that work.
7.7 miles tonite. I am back and running. 50K trail run this weekend about an hour away. Seriously thinking about hopping in that one. Rocky, rooty, and flat. Could be fast and fun.
Since running Dances w/ Dirt, I've been on the Running Fit email list. For those of you around Ann Arbor (CP / MP), they have a big warehouse sale going on this week end at up to 70% off at their place on 5700 Jackson Rd. Fri / Sat / Sun.
4.4 miles tonite. Felt good to get out.
2.2 miles today at a brisk walk / slow motion jog and some core work. Just getting back into things over the next week and begin running longer again shortly. Congrats MP. Welcome to trail running. I really enjoy it and find the time flies by. I'll bet you ran a small portion of the Dances w/ Dirt- Hell Edition course. They do a 50K / 50M in Sept that would be a blast to run. They have good events. Congrats as well to Borderline on completing your 1st marathon and on a...
Congrats on the finish and accomplishment. Tough race. Enjoy a good recovery period now, you earned it. .
You are not too far from Kansas City to run the Psycho Psummer 50K. Mid July timeframe. 3 loops around a lake on a great course. Technical trail with some rocky areas, great single track, and few short steep hills. Run by one of the best RD's for trail races and supported by ultra runners manning the aid stations. A great event and fun to be part of. http://www.psychowyco.com/id75.html
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