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9 more on trails today.
13 on trails today.
7 on trails yesterday
7.3 miles today. Great job Myles. Congrats on the buckle and the time.
This is a good topic for discussion. There are quite a few others on here that are far better runners and may have better advice, but here is my 2 cents around pace. Determine what you are trying to accomplish. It's easy if you are looking at breaking a PR, Boston Q, finishing under a certain time, etc. If so, then your pace calculator will do the work.If it is just trying to figure out "how fast can I go", you have several options.- A Half marathon within a 4-6 weeks of...
8.1 miles. 95 degrees made it a bit tougher today. MP -That's a heck of a training run. Remember, it will be cooler in Oct, you'll have peaked from training, and tapered for the race. You'll also have practiced pacing and what to eat and when to eat. I wouldn't base much on this run other than the confidence gained that you'll complete it and will only get better. That 8:20 pace may be doable or even faster by October.
6.9 miles yesterday. Recovery week over. Next week starts back with mileage and speed work.
Still in recovery week. Ran 4.5 miles in the 96 degree heat. First run sans toenail. Not to bad.
3.3 miles today. Had toenail removed this afternoon. Congrats BG on reaching your next goal.
3.4 miles today. Tks for well wishes. Feel surprisingly good from the run. Kicked a few rocks/roots and have one black toenail. Other than that, no issues.
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