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7.7 miles w/ some speed work. Congrats Fueco, nice job.
5 mile recovery run today.
17 miles today. McMillian fast finish long run. Pretty good run considering I worked all day and then did the run on the "mill. Good luck Fueco. Smoke Napa!!!
8.2 miles.
10.7 miles yesterday. Tempo intervals. 5.4 miles easy pace today.
Took yesterday off since I was feeling pretty drained. Long work week, travel, less sleep, etc. The rest was better for me than one extra day of running.Ran a 4 mile snow shoe race today. Took 4th overall. Was much better than anticipated as temp was negative 1 at start w/ wind chill at neg 15. Most of the race was on single track in the woods, so the wind chill wasn't a factor too often. Pulled the wool neck gaiter up a few times to get some warm air into the lungs, but...
7.9 mile tempo run.
5.4 miles
6.2 miles today w/ some intervals. Blah - Hows the foot? Anything serious? Nice job working thru the issues and finishing the race. Some trail races are better than others, but each has it's own memories. Finishing is the main goal. Welcome to the thread Billy Bee.
16.9 miles today at 2.5% incline. Around 2350 ft incline gain. Nice run Yo-han. Race or just spending the day in the woods?
New Posts  All Forums: