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5.5 miles
19 miles of dbl track. 5000 ft elevation change.
7.7 miles today
6.9 miles w speed work
6.3 miles tonite. Congrats SB on living in the #1 US running city according to Runners World Mag.
Good weekend of running. 26.4 on Saturday at local marathon. Ran as training run. Negative split 2nd half. Last 2 miles were fastest. 3:53 overall time. 10.1 miles today at reasonable pace (8:10) and felt very good. Not too sore today. Close to 60 miles for the week. Feel in really good shape. Birkie trail run in 3 weeks and would like to get one more 50k or more this year. Clifton 3's are a nice recovery shoe. If the Brooks ghost are narrow, look at the the ST racer 5.
7.8 miles of speed work yesterday. 7.3 miles today.
7.1 miles
10.1 Saturday on single and dbl track. 5.4 road miles today.
8.6 miles w speed work
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