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5.5 miles this am. I think my sweat would have been classified as 100 proof.
Able to tour Michters as one of the first. Pleasantly surprised to try this:
6.3 miles this morning.
9.3 miles yesterday. Pounded the legs hard the last few weeks and "recovering" this week w a rest week. On VA in Louisville at bourbon affair. Planned to get about 25 miles in this week but may be tough to break 20. I am recovering well though w plenty of bourbon. Coco: nice job on the race and finishing w adversity. Pretty amazing what you learn about yourself and previous perceptions during an endurance event. Cool to see you are already planning the next one.
6.1 easy miles today
20.2 miles this am.
7.1 medium paced miles today.Hope you recover and did no damage before the race. Why were you running in soft sand 3 days before your race? Tough running in that stuff. That is really hard on the calves, hip flexors, and looks like Achilles too.
9.8 miles w/ hill repeats.
Thanks NYI. I was there last year for that bottling, picked up 6, and still have 4 bottles left signed by Rutledge. The Woodford Reserve selected and signed by Morris was very good (IMHO) as well. I'll be there for festivities from 4R, WR, WT, and Michters along w/ opening / closing ceremony and the polo match brunch. I don't know much about the craft distilleries and don't want to miss something that I have to wait until the next Bourbon Affair in 2016.
For those from Louisville and others that have been there, looking for a few suggestions. Heading there next week for the Bourbon Affair and plan to arrive a day early and stay a day after. Any craft distillery suggestions? Went to Willett last year. Thinking about Corsair, but looking for any other comments from the area.
New Posts  All Forums: