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5.3 miles yesterday and 11.3 trail miles today. Over flu except still have the sinus infection. Should be gone in a couple days and back to normal training.
4.4 miles tonite for first time in 5 days. Was sick for a few days and not well enough to run. Felt good to get out today for a bit. 100K in April coming up.
10.2 miles Saturday. Congrats NOBD on your race.
Not sure if I shared this before or not, so posting. If any of you guys are training and getting into some longer runs (time or mileage) and looking for different fueling / nutrition strategies, I tried Vitargo and have been really impressed. It is more expensive than Sustained Energy or Perpetuem by Hammer, so I only use it on longer runs. Still use SE for shorter runs as it is cheaper and doesn't cause me gastric problems until I'm out there for while. The Vitargo...
5.6 miles this afternoon. 20's here too. We have a heat wave coming though. Pushing 60 by mid week. May get all the rest of the snow melted.
5 easy miles. Took 3 days completely off and felt very good during this run. Off tomorrow w/ core workout and should be reasonably recovered from Sat. race.
Thanks all. A bit sore today, but not too bad. They put a few more stats out for the 50K. 149 signed up, 119 started the race, 69 actually finished for a 58% finishers rate. Will be taking 3 days off and stretching only before lacing up again and getting back into things. Good luck Blahspam on next weekend. If this is your first 50K, don't underestimate hydration and nutrition during the race. It's as important or more than anything else. Have fun.
31 miles today in one of the toughest 50K trail races I've run. The 12" of snow got mashed down with all the runners, but with no melting, it was like running a race over sand dunes. Quads and calf muscles were trashed. Edit: Close to 50 runners dropped down in distance to 10 or 20 miles. Only 3 50k finishers broke the 6 hr mark. I placed 15th overall. Feeling pretty good about a slow time now.
2.4 miles yesterday. Tried out the Inov-8 Oroc's. Worked fairly well on the snow covered roads. Went over ice in places. The spikes don't dig into the ice, but scrape enough to keep your feet from flying out. Will bring them w/ to tomorrow's trail race. We got about 10-12 inches of snow on Monday / Tuesday. The temp have been in single digits here, so none has really melted. 50K trail race on single track and horse trails Saturday. Bad news, have to break ground for 10...
6.4 miles on the treadmill. 11 inches of snow and single digits.
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