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5.9 easy miles today.
20.4 easy paced miles today. Last long run.Bill, have you seen a sports medicine guy? IT band shouldn't act up after so long off and the first run at a slow pace. He may be able to help understand what is causing the issue.Shoe discussion:I like light soft cushion shoe. One of my favorite shoes was the NB MR1400. Really ugly colors but a great shoe. The 1400 V2 didn't do it for me and the latest version is the NB Zante w/ the fresh foam upgrade. Still not doing it for me....
9.1 miles yesterday w a tempo run. I hate tempo runs. Awesome views SB.
5.9 easy paced miles today.
8.1 miles w/ speed work today to close out March. 206+ miles for the month and a few over 500 for Q1 of 2015.
6 mile easy run today.
15.5 miles today. Fast finish long run. 9 miles @ 8:20 pace, 6.3 @ 7:40, .2 jog/walk cool down. Felt great and had a good run. Starting to feel in good shape for some long runs.
10.2 miles today.
5.7 mile easy run tonite.
I'd like to make it to that one of these years too. I'm going to the Bourbon Affair in June and was wondering if others are going too or any SF meet ups in the works there.
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