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5.7 miles.
9.7 miles w/ speed work today.
5.3 mile recovery run today.One of my favorite days of the year. Daylight savings starts, weather was awesome and in the 30's, and over 50 miles for the week.I tried tailwind and know quite a few people that use it and like it. It just kept coming back up as foam for me in longer runs. I switched to Vitargo and couldn't be happier. Everyone's system is different.Not crazy Fueco. The AG's sneak up on you. I'm in the 50 y/o AG this summer. I'm qualified in the 45-49 AG in...
20.8 miles today. First 20 miler of the year and first 1 of 3 in next 4 weeks.
11.7 miles w/ Yasso 800's (9 of them), w/ 20ish minutes warm up and cool down. Tough run but treadmill helps to keep the right pace for this workout. It was --24 this morning but we should see highs in the upper 30's to low 40's next week. Will be great to get outside during the week w/ daylight savings starting on Sunday.
5.1 miles tonite. Easy paced run.
7.7 miles w/ some speed work. Congrats Fueco, nice job.
5 mile recovery run today.
17 miles today. McMillian fast finish long run. Pretty good run considering I worked all day and then did the run on the "mill. Good luck Fueco. Smoke Napa!!!
8.2 miles.
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