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5.5 miles today
7.4 miles. 4 miles with trail shoes on snow covered single track, then put on snowshoes and ran 3.4 miles more of single track. Lots of fun.
5.8 miles. Got a lottery pick to run the Superior 50k in May.
3.4 mile elevation run. Alternate between 20 and 5 degree incline.
6.2 miles
5.4 miles Congrats coco on the marathon.
13.1 miles. Negative 13 wind chill so went treadmill and TiVo.
Tapering for a 50M w a 50k the weekend prior? Not exactly out of the manual. Better not race it.
5.7 miles. Looking at couple shorter snowshoe races in Feb, a 50k in April (Chippewa Moraine), and hoping to hit lottery for Superior 50k in May. Both have some decent elevation. Would like to get a 50M in summer or fall but will see what work will allow for training.
7.1 miles
New Posts  All Forums: