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5.8 miles yesterday.After my winter ultra last year (12 inches of snow @ 20 degrees). I believe this anomaly happened to me. 21 miles into the race I changed into winter socks and another pair of dry trail shoes but too tight of a shoe w/ the socks and swelling from the miles. A few days later I had the exact thing the link shows on both feet. Felt like walking on a stone in your shoes. After a few days off, one foot pain slowly went away. The other did not. I really...
7.5 snowy trail miles. Half somewhat trampled and half breaking trail. Good solid run.
6.7 miles today
Warmed up to 15 degrees this morning so ran outside to ring in the New Year. 6.2 miles.
Finished 2014 injury free and completed 3 - 50K's, 1 - 45 miler, 1 - 100K, Pikes Peak Marathon, and a handful of other shorter races.Plan to scale back a bit this year but plan to run:1. Boston Marathon2. Flatrock 50k3. PsychoPsummer 50K or Dances w/ Dirt 50 mile (both on same weekend)4. 2 other 50K - 50M races. TBD.
7.8 miles this morning on treadmill w/ some speed work. It was negative 10 degrees outside and I didn't feel like braving the weather.I keep a small calendar w/ my running stuff and write down my miles and/or time spent each day. Helps to track weekly mileage, but I can also go back to see what tapering worked better than others or what mileage I hit leading up to a race and see the effects and what I would change next time.1742.7 total miles as 2014 comes to a close.
5.5 miles today
Nice weather guys. Woke up to somewhere around 6-8 inches of snow today and temps in 20's. Got out on the trails this morning to try out my new snowshoes. Pretty cool running in them. Got about 5.4 miles in snowshoes. A little tougher workout on the legs.Pics of snow at house this morning, trail, and new shoes. [[SPOILER]]
9 miles today on trails.
4.8 miles today. Merry Christmas all.
New Posts  All Forums: