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10.4 miles w/ tempo intervals.
5.9 easy miles today.
20.4 easy paced miles today. Last long run.Bill, have you seen a sports medicine guy? IT band shouldn't act up after so long off and the first run at a slow pace. He may be able to help understand what is causing the issue.Shoe discussion:I like light soft cushion shoe. One of my favorite shoes was the NB MR1400. Really ugly colors but a great shoe. The 1400 V2 didn't do it for me and the latest version is the NB Zante w/ the fresh foam upgrade. Still not doing it for me....
9.1 miles yesterday w a tempo run. I hate tempo runs. Awesome views SB.
5.9 easy paced miles today.
8.1 miles w/ speed work today to close out March. 206+ miles for the month and a few over 500 for Q1 of 2015.
6 mile easy run today.
15.5 miles today. Fast finish long run. 9 miles @ 8:20 pace, 6.3 @ 7:40, .2 jog/walk cool down. Felt great and had a good run. Starting to feel in good shape for some long runs.
10.2 miles today.
5.7 mile easy run tonite.
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