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4.0, 6.0, 6.2, and 5.3 miles this week.
4.3 miles yesterday. SirG - no experience about the bakers cyst but what causes it to stop you running if no pain or blood flow issues and no follow up planned?
5.1 miles today for the first run since Pikes Peak. Took 2 weeks off for some rest. Been a big year of miles and races so far this year.
Yes. It's tough when you get to 12000 ft and have 3 miles to go. It's a real death march for most people (me included). I could breath reasonably but the leg muscles felt like they had no energy. You get a bit dizzy as well. Plus you have people going up and down on the single track at that level.The view for most of the race is worth the trip and training. I'll post a few pics when I get back.Another crazy run in manitou springs is the incline run. Look that one up. .8...
26.3 miles today finishing the Pikes Peak marathon. A real ass-kicker.
4.3 mile easy run today. Off tomorrow and race PP Sunday morning (and some of the afternoon).
9.1 miles w some intervals yesterday. Today off.
5.3 rainy miles today.
90 minutes on a trail I found in my new relo area. Garmin was confused w the high trees and remote area so mileage was around 8 - 8.5 miles. Trail was a very nice mix of single track w some technical area and some rolling hills. Could use more elevation but not going to find that here.
3.3 miles Monday in a lightning cut short run. 5 miles Wednesday 8.5 miles w long hill repeats Start a taper beginning tomorrow Born to run is a good book. Many stories within the book all at the same time. Quite a few good ones out there depending on the running topic. Congrats BG on the 5k PB.
New Posts  All Forums: