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6.1 miles Friday 5.8 miles today
Core work and an elevation hike on the incline trainer yesterday with 2.4 miles.Today went out on the road to test the ankle. Feels good. 6.4 miles @ 7:32 pace.I had that after a winter ultra when on the last lap I changed into a pair of shoes that were too tight and w/ winter socks made it worse. I wanted the deeper lugs for the snow traction.Anyway, after the race both feet had what felt like a marble under the forefoot. I opened "Fixing your feet" to see what it was and...
4.8 miles today w about 1000 ft gain.Depends on where you mean for the pain. Check out metatarsal drop or Morton's neuroma and if that is it, we can talk.
6.4 miles today
Rolled ankle a few weeks ago. Wasn't getting better so took 5 days off. Will stick w treadmill and ease back into things for winter to have ankle healed. 5 miles yesterday 8.5 miles today.
6.6 miles
5.3 miles
4.3 miles today
6.4 miles today. Close to 14 on Saturday in a half marathon trail race down in Kentucky while on vacation. A bit over 5400' total elevation, so not a gimme run. Not many flat areas. Pretty fun and challenging race. [[SPOILER]]
9 miles
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