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6.2 miles today
8.3 miles yesterday w hill repeats.
5.5 miles yesterday and 6.7 today. An awesome performance by Krar at WS100.
Roughly 20 trail miles yesterday.
5.7 miles today
9.8 miles
Thanks for the link. Pretty interesting article. I think most runners could point to some part of that article and say "that's me", but big difference between sore, poor run, and total drain these elite guys went thru.I've read about Roes before and he was really a mess. I thought AK just beat himself up to much w/ miles and racing. Not sure if the OTS was the culprit.For the average guy, not sure how much affect it (OTS) can have on you more than an injury would take you...
7.3 easy miles today.Thanks Watchman. There are quite a few guys on here that ramp up the trail miles on the weekends leading up to marathons and ultra's.
Link to article?
About 17 miles on the trails today.
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