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7.7 miles today
9.1 miles today.
7.1 miles today
4.7 miles
11.7 miles today on fairly tame trail. Wanted to see how I would feel getting in some miles after last weekends adventure. No problems and felt good. Congrats Wing0. Good job w/ first race.
5.7 miles today
4.1 miles
3.3 easy paced miles.
Ran a 50k trail ultra today. Pretty runnable w only a few very technical areas. Very hilly though. Was looking to break 6 hrs and did for 31 miles. Problem was I missed 2 turns and ran another 4 miles. I was pushing to hit the final couple miles and was about gassed when I realized I was off course. The race ended up being a bit longer than 31 miles so ended with about 36-37 miles today. Garmin showed 35.5 but in an area w no cell service and deep in woods I'm guessing a...
3.3 miles Thursday
New Posts  All Forums: