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8.4 miles today. 25 degrees, nicely packed snowy trail run, 8:20 ave pace. Nice run, decent weather, good to get outside.
4.6 miles today.
4.5 miles today. Garmin 610 for me. No phone unless I need a pic or going deep into a trail run w/ very few people around. Not a treadmill guy, but have one and use it more than I'd like. Too much snow, lack of shoulder and plowed road, darkness, and the main road is a highway that is 55 mph adds up me on treadmill Mon-Thurs. I get out early enough on Fri - Sun to hit a trail or another section of road. The incline trainer, 10 inch tablet, I-fit courses, and varying...
6.3 miles today.
6.4 miles today.
3.6 mile easy run today
Sorry. Posted 4 times w/ 1 post. How do I delete 3 of them? Must have been from trying to copy and paste pic. Operator error.
10.5 miles today. Nice snow covered trail.
10.5 miles today. Nice snow covered trail.
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