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Quote: Originally Posted by uvmboi13 They are also very fake. LV doesn't make red Evidence shades. Only white and black are authentic. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA that is the funniest thing I have ever read. Have you ever been to a Louis Vuitton store? Clearly not. Or their website? Look on the website and you will see them on sale. Then I would expect you to apologise for your ignorance. Edit: I doubted if you had the ability to...
Just want retail back for these, which are brand new:
BNWT Michael Bastian Sweater ends in a Few Hours - size 54 | Large
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I like the buttoning sleeve detail Thanks. I've relisted as a BIN - 1 week left.
Relisted as BIN £500 outside ebay - firm. @American SF-ers ... £ down vs $ + all that snow = great time to buy!!!
No but the price has been dropped, I've posted the new link.
price dropped to a BIN- 3 days left!
price dropped to a BIN - 3 days to go!
Price can be seen through the ebay link above the pics. Obviously I can take the ebay fees off if a transaction is done via just paypal. Pm me for references for sales I've done outside ebay. Thanks.
measurements posted: pit-to-pit: 24" length excluding collar, neck-to-bottom: 27.75" arm length inseam (from pit to end of cuff): 21.25" arm length outseam (from shoulder-line to end of cuff): 25.75" Thanks.
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