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Dont Waste Peoples' Time Offering What They Dont Want! I Said Grey Not White Which Are A Ten A Penny!
These grey ones, not the glitter version. PM please.
Looking for grey Louis Vuitton Evidence Sunglasses in the western fit only. Also interested in the burgundy colour. Thanks.
I've sent the link and stated I will insure it for £500 and he is happy with it, rather than the £1000 he bought it for ($1720 AUD). In case you're wondering it's a Louis Vuitton hoody. Believe me plenty of clothing items exceed £1000, a few months back I sold some levis fenom jeans for £1300.
Quote: Originally Posted by Charlie's Wardrobe The guys are right but one thing to remember is that it is not your problem either and legally you should mark it at it's proper value to cover yourself. It's really the buyers responsibility to check this out before they agree to purchase it, and pretty easy to check with aussie customs. Yeah but some buyers are lazy and when you're making a big sale you don't mind doing some legwork to make sure...
This is great stuff. Thanks.
Need to send an expensive item (£1k) to Australia. The buyer is not sure of their own country's customs charging rates! Any Aussies here or has anyone sent to Australia and been told about specific customs levels/%? I'm guessing their charges are going to be high like Canada as opposed to non-existent like the US! Any advice from people who have actually had experience with the charges there would be much appreciated!
After fees and shipping it is higher. 499 is the BIN price. Obviously I'll take lower on offer!
Quote: Originally Posted by uvmboi13 The one in your auction is clearly fake as confirmed by AuthenticForum. So now have you gone from stating them not existing to calling them fake. Despite the fact that I have the receipt, and stamped warranty etc. Also, ... wait for it ... they are real!!!!! Also, ask for the seller, R Tang at Harrod's LV store and ask her to confirm that someone with the first name of Ryan bought a red and a black pair,...
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