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Last Call For This Summer - Sell Me Your Grey Non-glitter Evidences Before It's Too Late!!
Can you take a good close-up of yours? From the back of the lenses and the front? Yours look like the non-glitter but your receipt says GLT!!! I'll send you a pic of the non-glitters in a bit.
The non-glitter is in my 2nd post on this thread! Glitter version was released after the original, can't remember whether it was after or before burgundy ones.
Ok in that case I'm not really interested (as alluded to in my initial post) as they are more common and the glitter just puts me off! I certainly can't improve on my offer as they ain't worth as much, in fact I've offered too much! If you ever lower the price significantly then I might be interested. thanks anyway.
"Grey GLT" usually means the grey glitter version. Could you post a close-up pic or send it to my googlemail address?
Dude I just sent you an offer but then read that they are the grey glitter version as your receipt shows. Can you confirm?
Well you won't find them anywhere else! I know this guy and he is legit as I have bought from him before. Let me know if you want me to introduce him and he might give you a decent deal. These GM are even rarer than than the grey evidence as it's the first time I have seen them appear for a long time.
Let me know if you buy these GM:
It's not that they are extremely limited, it is just that they are older than the current releases, which of course in time will be hard to get hold of too. edit: I have the black/gold ones which I wear all the time, but I just want some variety.
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