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Quote: Originally Posted by jett Yeah, I can't really justify spending a lot of money on shoes at the moment. I'm still trying to figure out what I like and what works well for me, so buying a used pair of expensive shoes is less risky than buying a new pair of expensive shoes. Some people would probably see a wide gap in not spending a lot of cheddar on shoes and buying $10 used shoes on eBay.
Yup, old news... but always good to remind folks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Stax Thanks for the heads-up, Doc. I snagged them. I typically wear a 9.5D, however. If they are too narrow, they will be up for sale here shortly at the BIN price (plus my shipping cost of $15). +1. Great job!
Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart The last time I was at the Mansion was about 2 months ago. There're about 5-6 RTW models: Grant, Parson, Eden, Stern, Barksdale I think. AFAIK, they only came with 1 width. MTO on the other hand has a much more extensive selection and EG can make any length and width combination you want. I posted pictures of the complete MTO line in the shoe porn thread. Just go that thread and do a search on "mansion." ...
Quote: Originally Posted by visionology bahaha that was fast. Sold already. NOS is great. those were sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Robin Givhan is a doddering writer, grasping for things which she can't reach due to the sheer virtue of her inability. Who knew Robin Givhan could invoke such vitriol?
I think the Hiton is cool, but likely not a good option for a 1st "dressy" shoe. I would go w/ the Buckland, nice color - less dressy blutcher to wear with jeans or slacks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sartorian As a pure fashion designer, Tom Ford is at the top of his profession, skill-wise. Everyone here on SF places fit to the level which it deserves to occupy. I think the suit's back in a big way, and people like Ford et. al. are capitalizing on this. Men--even non-professionals--really are going back to having suits as the anchors of their wardrobes. "The suit back" I've been hearing this same tired...
Tom Ford, Post-Gucci, Takes A Vested Interest in Menswear By Robin Givhan Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, April 10, 2007; C01 NEW YORK, April 9 -- Designer Tom Ford has returned to the fashion spotlight with a menswear collection. His successful revitalization of Gucci in the 1990s sparked an industry-wide rampage to resuscitate other dowager brands and pushed clothing toward a hypersexual aesthetic. Now he wants to make the man in the gray flannel suit...
I know this is OT, but can anyone, ANYONE, explain to me why some people come into auctions that start at $.01, make the first bid and then vanish, never to make another bid? I can understand new eBay member, who might not fully understand the auction concept/eBay, but i regularly see members w/ 50+ feedback doing this. These people cannot possibly think their $.01 bid will stand up for 7 days can they???
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