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Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 So what do you guys think about the Benton and the Mora? Can the suede be brushed back to normal? I don't see the AE's as much of a tremendous value as others, since at you're getting basically handgrades at $160 w/ the other RL offereings. I recieved the exact same benton last week. While I've yet to wear it, I really like it. I also own the benton in the dark brown color. It's a very comfortable,...
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbadbuff Thanks a lot, I just threw up everywhere. What's with the nastiness? I don't think the poster did anything to elicit such a response. While not my scene, I think they're interesting.
class ring? seriously? Are you going in to corporate law? Other legal eagles (which I am not) can give their input, but I can't imagine a serious attorney wearing a class ring -- or any ring besides a wedding ring for that matter. Now, if you're aiming for criminal defense, that's a different story.
Quote: Originally Posted by drake Hey that links to my shoes I ended up keeping them and they are really great shoes. I would definitely keep them, but they don't really fit me. I'm a true 7.5D and these would fit a true 8D perfectly. I think insoles could solve the problem, but there is another EG shoe in black in my true size I have my eye on. Anyways, these are great shoes... and with lasted trees -- which places like GVH and sale shoes...
RLPL Peering, Black. Please see the pictures from this older post. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...hlight=peering in an 7.5/8D. 89 Last. $425. If anyone is interested, I will take pictures tonight, but all pictures in previous post look identical. Original shoe trees, bags and box included. Box is only component not in mint condition. PM me if you are interested.
GREAT question. The only shoes I've ever paid full price for (post SF) were Carmina in Paris. I loved the styling on the rain last (1/2 calf 1/2 suede) in a brandy color. Going to be great for fall. I rarely see Carmina on eBay and never in US, so I thought, why not. Plus, I feel like Carmina's are still a solid "deal" at full price for what you get.
If you're happy with the neighborhood, you have a great deal for the price. Oh yeah, and as long as the roommate situation stays positive.
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey I think I paid more for each of these than any other ties I own. I buy almost all of my ties on sale. But these were purchased for me as gifts from my wife and kids. They paid full price because they probably didn't want me to think I was a cheapskate.
Quote: Originally Posted by josepidal If you read my original post, I was asking who had the tie or had seen it. I think it's quite clear that Hermes ties are not a big favorite of mine. Nor am I justifying anything, I'm just reacting to the usual Style Forum crap being thrown around. Honest opinion is one thing, but nonsensical flaming is quite another. word
I can't wait to hear some of the opinions on these... I like them. They are whimsical. I don't think you'd want to wear them in more serious situations, but for an average day in the office they are fine. I do find them ubiquitous, however, and since coming to SF (and being indoctrinated by group think) I buy mostly woven, neat patterns and paisleys. I still wear my Ferragamos and Brooks, but not as often.
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