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Label: IT USA Showroom Deal: Designer duds from Malo, Gianfranco Ferré and more start at $20 When/Where: Friday April 27th through May 5th. Mon"”Sat 11am"”7pm; Sun 11am"”5pm. 85 Fifth Ave between 16th and 17th Sts, sixth floor (212-413-4421).
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade I do think, however, that with all the pining about declining standards of dress and behavior around here, there are plenty of people who might find they liked it at Milk & Honey. ...if only they could get the super secret number.
http://www.leveragedsellout.com/2006/07/milk-im-money/ Too bad the NYPost article wasn't also a parody.
Quote: Originally Posted by halpap Does Soiffer & Haskin announce the prices ahead of the sales? Not on their site, but through other outlets. See above.
7.5UK size Grenson - I believe it was deterimined these were of Masterpiece line standard. http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-GRENSONS-Dar...QQcmdZViewItem New Dark Brown Calf Oxford Shoes - I imagine these will go for cheap given the quoted retail price (which i think is wrong).
Event: \t Grange Furniture Warehouse Sale - Up To 70% Off Wholesale Shop the Grange Furniture Warehouse sale. This high-end French furnishings company is holding its largest warehouse sale ever. Discover substantial savings, from 40-70% off wholesale prices, on beds, TV cabinets, dining tables, chairs, dressers, upholstery, accessories, and more. Floor samples will be available. New merchandise arriving daily. Event Begins: \t4/26/2007 Event Ends: ...
Hickey Freeman Prices: * Suits retail for $1,000-$2,500, now $599-$699 * Sport coats retail for $800-$2,000, now $299-$599 * Dress trousers retail for $225-$395, now $99-$129 * Dress shirts retail for $125-$175, now $69 and up From Bobby Jones: superior sporting apparel, classically inspired original designs and luxury that functions. * Signature knit shirts and woven sport shirts retail for $135-$175, now $69.99-$79.99 * Sweaters...
Without seeing a picture it's hard to know if this creasing would be more than normal. I don't have expirience w/ AE Park Ave's, other posters can comment, but some shoes tend to crease more than other. Creasing can also be affected by where your shoe is breaking over your feet. It sounds like this might just be normal creasing.
Amazing how sometimes things on SF B&S forum seem very much overpriced compared to the eBay market... and then you also have the inverse, and here is a perfect example!
Remember, since these are Euro sizes you probably take .5 size down.
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