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I own this shoe in dark brown suede. I know many here don't like tassels, but I get a lot of compliments on it and it is a very comfortable shoe.
nice... Quote: Womanwho knows: You get what you pay for ,don't you? Mens shoes are an ivestment and if taken care of properly,can last for years.
Big fan of Alex's on 44th between Vanderbilt and Madison - next to The Shirt Store.
Quote: Originally Posted by mfadam As of noon today - all blazers were $69 and all shoes were $39. Still some decent blazers, but the shoes are all but gone in 9.5 - 10. Not sure if this is standard, but they don't give you the "new" hanger when you buy a jacket. You have to ask for one specifically and they'll only give you an old beater that they seem to have stockpiled behind the registers. For a $69 blazer, hard to get too...
Shoes got marked down around 11... i missed it all expect picked up something for someone else. Pair of pants -- and somehow, there was a 36S tux left. Whooooahhh.
Rico Modern furniture from this Brooklyn shop is 50% off. 411: Through March 31, Mon-Fri 11am-7pm; Sat-Sun noon-7pm; 384 Atlantic Ave (at Bond St), Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, 718-797-2077 Portico Home Want a new Jack sofa? How about a French armchair? There's a huge sample sale at Portico Home today through Sunday. 411: March 22-25, Thurs-Sat 10am-7pm; Sun noon-5pm; 430 W. 14th St, Suite 504, 877-517-8800
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Tourneau is the worst. Everyone should treat them as what they are: a showroom not a store. I go there, fondle watches, try them on, and never ever buy anything there, not even a buckle or a strap. Obviously they hate me. That's OK - I hate them more You really channeled Ari in that response.
Quote: Originally Posted by Faded501s Yeah it's kind of embarrassing actually. But I mean crap, I stop in this morning and Doc has an ass-load of $200 Polo trousers my size he's selling for $45 each, I just got some $35 Incotex off of Chorse and now today he shows up with a bunch of sweet jackets that retail for like $800 in my size for $100 each, there's a $1900 PZ Sartoriale suit in my size for $300. It's crazy insane that you can dress so well for...
Quote: Originally Posted by MLR I've always self-installed plastic shoe taps on all my shoes and recently, since upgrading my shoe collection, have thought about getting Topy or Vibram sole protectors for a few of my AE's (not for my SF Tramezza's though) just to try them out. I know all the cobblers really hate to hear it, but I really would like to buy the materials and do this myself (at least on one pair). The problem is, I believe shoe repair...
I saw Nick(y) Hilton Dress Trousers and thought... woah oops... oh, bump.
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