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Quote: Originally Posted by gumercindo stock, nice driving mocs. What kind are they? That's a picture I boosted off an old post - the post said they were J. Crew
Guys, big difference between loafers: and Driving Mocs:
anyone else surprised at the price these fetched? http://cgi.ebay.com/GVH-POLO-RALPH-L...QQcmdZViewItem Condition: New Unworn - Defective Defect: Left is a 7.5, right is an 8
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick Still a step ahead of Club Monaco...Apparently... PANTS are back!!! http://www.clubmonaco.com/082007/musthaves_5.asp
I thought the OP's subject was going to referr to the "This site is busy and unavailable" (or some variation) message I've been getting recently.
Price dropped to $425. Last chance before eBay. This is a killer deal. With lasted trees, it is really a nobrainer.
Not that I think this is a particularly compelling or interesting article, but it would be interesting to get Manton's take on the situation. If he cares to comment. washingtonpost.com  Bush's Muse Stands Accused Speeches Weren't His, Colleague Says By Peter Baker Washington Post Staff Writer Saturday, August 11, 2007; A01 He has been hailed as the best White House speechwriter since Kennedy's Theodore Sorensen, the muse behind President Bush's most famous...
Quote: Originally Posted by Josef Seibel .......now on ebay. hopefully c&j will follow one day. http://search.ebay.de/_W0QQsassZretricker1829 Shipping to USA £30.00
Quote: Originally Posted by Clark Yes, Alfred Sargent makes that one. It is from their Classic collection and most likely corrected grain. /C Thanks for the help. Makes sense with a $200 USD retail price tag.
This is a S&H called the Elgin. Does anyone know who makes this? The color btw is Burgundy.
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