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I would do the same as the OP.
Also took Accutane, twice actually in my teenage years, probably right around 15. It's a wonder drug. Now, I've had to carry chap stick around with me ever since (everything dries out when you go on it, skin, lips, etc), But i don't really mind (i think its now just a bad habit). My skin did get very dry, but I had persistent (not terrible) acne that wouldn't go away. The Accutane did well to clear it up, but then it came back. My dermatologist put me back on a lower...
Saw these at Barney's sample sale. Very nice. http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-Crockett-Jon...QQcmdZViewItem I'm a 7.5D US - but can sometimes fit into 7D US if that's a translation from a UK size. These were snug on me, to give you an idea of sizing.
Quote: Originally Posted by P3R3 Why is your picture taken strait from this auction? http://cgi.ebay.com/ROBERT-TALBOTT-B...QQcmdZViewItem
Richemont, Polo Ralph Lauren Form Watch and Jewelry Company (March 5, '07, 3:59 IDEX Online Staff Reporter) Fashion and luxury firms Polo Ralph Lauren and Richemont announced today (Monday) their plans to form a luxury watch and fine jewelry firm. The Polo Ralph Lauren Watch and Jewellery Company, SARL. will design, develop, manufacture, and distribute the products through Ralph Lauren boutiques and independent jewelry retailers. The 50:50 joint venture is Polo...
Quote: http://cgi.ebay.com/Lidfort-shoes_W0...QQcmdZViewItem I think this guy might be a little confused in his description: Quote: Lidfort ,which is now exclusive to Barneys New York, is one of my favorite shoe brands. Just classic enough but also just stylized enough, not to heavy-soled and clunky like a lot of Italian shoes and not too narrow and sole-less like a lot of English shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by scruff At the Barneys sale, I picked up a grey Hickey-Freeman suit for $47, a Barney's sportcoat for $47, another sportcoat (brand slips my mind; starts with a P) for $47, Burberry pants for $15 and a Zegna sportcoat for $50 (the pants and Zegna coat are for my father). Oh, and grabbed a few pocket squares and ties for $15ish each. Last weekend of the sale is always worth it if you know how/where to look. Not...
Quote: Originally Posted by norcaltransplant An Abridged Tale of Saturday 7:15 Wakeup for Asprey Sample Sale. Girlfriend believes I'm crazy and comments on a photo from last year's sale--you guys all look the same, just different races of geekiness. I told her that she lost her opportunity for 10 sets of china... 8:30 After a shower, shave, and kiss goodbye, I arrive at the sale. Dah328 and Poorsod are at the front of the line; I stand around 75...
Thanks for the translation, very interesting!
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Just got off the phone with the manager of the RLPL shoe department and Hilary from EG is there today and tomorrow (I believe) taking orders. Here are some tidbits: MTO cost: $1100 (includes trees) Top Drawer Cost: $1900 (bevelled waist etc.) Today and tomorrow you can order any model from the EG catalog at the show. Can't wait for the pictures of the shoe porn booty from this pillaging.
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