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There have been a lot of sock threads recently. It's gotten me interested in buying higher end socks than what I normally find at Syms. I'm intrigued on how you guys pull off the crazy patterns and colors. Do you wear them with suits, and/or on days you aren't going to important meetings and are just around the office? If not, when do you wear them? With what trousers and what situation? I'm looking for pictures of examples of color/pattern combinations, and what you...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cantabrigian I think Paul Stuart tends to be underrated on the forum. I was there last Saturday and think they are pretty nice - seem well made and hace a nice cut to them. With a decent sale (assuming they have them), they could be a decent deal and in your price range. Did you miss the Paul Staurt sales thread? PS is very well respected here. AFAIK it is relatively rare they discount suits in their store....
Hickey Freeman \t Bobby Jones \t \t MEN'S CLOTHING, FURNISHINGS & SPORTSWEAR Also a limited selection of Bobby Jones Women's Jackets and Sweaters Up to 75% Off Retail \t SUNDAY, APRIL 29th through THURSDAY, MAY 3rd Sunday: 10:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Wednesday: 9:00am to 6:30pm Thursday: 9:00am to 5:00pm \t To be held at: SOIFFER HASKIN 317 West 33rd Street, NYC (Just west of 8th Avenue) Strollers not allowed. No children...
BRUNSCHWIG & FILS \t \t \t 1ST EVER WAREHOUSE SALE IN NYC! UP TO 70% OFF LIST PRICE Luxury Home Furnishings Large inventory of the world's finest fabrics including European silks, damasks, toiles... hundreds of different exquisite prints and woven fabrics as well as upholstered furniture, lamps and occasional tables. NEW INVENTORY ARRIVES DAILY Shipper will be on premises. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. ...
Deja Vu http://styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=33893
Works for me...?
Quote: Originally Posted by jett thanks. I am still new at this and continually paranoid about getting ripped off Jesus, use some common sense man! How old are you? How can we spell it out for you any more clearly? YOU. PAID. $20. FOR. SHOES. You have much bigger problems than finding a pair of shoes you can afford if you need validation after spending just $20 on a pair of shoes that were originally priced at $300.
Quote: Originally Posted by jett Yeah, I can't really justify spending a lot of money on shoes at the moment. I'm still trying to figure out what I like and what works well for me, so buying a used pair of expensive shoes is less risky than buying a new pair of expensive shoes. Some people would probably see a wide gap in not spending a lot of cheddar on shoes and buying $10 used shoes on eBay.
Yup, old news... but always good to remind folks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Stax Thanks for the heads-up, Doc. I snagged them. I typically wear a 9.5D, however. If they are too narrow, they will be up for sale here shortly at the BIN price (plus my shipping cost of $15). +1. Great job!
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