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What about half suede / half calf -- should those count as .5?
HF & Hicky don't seem interested in selling "short" sizes through their website.
Arrrrgghhhh Profits are up, which means they continue to sell like hotcakes http://finance.google.com/finance?q=CROX&source=finance
Quote: Originally Posted by jonglover A terrorist. When is the final? Sunday - 19:35 Indonesia time. Quote: Originally Posted by dhc905 video didn't load, but that is pretty sad. What dumbf*ck would do go out and do that to the fans? Video worked for me. Highly recommend watching it.
Are you crazy? Hot? I think you can find much hotter and skinnier 40yo women. I'd rather Obama's wifey any day. Apparently she's also running amok through his campaign*; with whispers that the two most recent staff departures from his campaign* staff have been a result of her bearing too much influence. *exploratory committee.
Quote: Originally Posted by swb120 What do you guys think of the Westgates? I've never had a one-piece, seamless shoe. I'm mostly a black/brown/cordovan cap-toe/wingtip guy (I'm a lawyer/fed. prosecutor in my non-SF life) who wears mostly variations of navy and gray BB and HF suits. Like the McClains, but likely don't need them. I'm intrigued by the style of the Westgates, but lack the courage of my convictions to buy without assurances from my SF...
If you like Black, it's half priced... http://www.endless.com/dp/B000JINQTA...0&linkCode=asn (j feel free to replace w/ affiliate link)
So coming from the colorblind guy... how would you guys describe the Chili color in more common 'color parlance?'
What's with the seam on the Taunton Chelsea on the throat of the shoe?
http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...arch&plindex=6 High drama in the Asian Cup today. 10 min video of a penalty shootout. If you want to skip to the last 5 shots w/ the most drama, go to the 5min mark. It's too bad a great result for Iraq was marred by more violence. The New York Times Printer Friendly Format Sponsored By July 25, 2007 Bombings Mar Soccer Celebrations in Baghdad By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Filed at 2:24 p.m. ET BAGHDAD (AP) -- Two...
New Posts  All Forums: