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 Fair enough and I haven't... I'm making a decision informed by info here that the construction is the same, but the models are different. And so, to me, and I'm presuming others here, it's not really worth it to investigate further; I have all the info I need. Just one guy's completely subjective opinion and a question without a "right" answer. 
  33% markup for what's essentially the same product? We have different ideas of reasonable. 
 But I never mentioned Armoury? Whatever, I think we're just agreeing and helping price discovery for everyone. 
 Ok?  750 Euro equals 1031.70 US Dollar650 Euro equals 894.14 US Dollar
I also don't think RJ is $700 in Japan. Seems like that might be the most basic starting point for sport coats. I think $900/$1000 is where most of the suits start. 
 Showing a 7.5 on the web, but they wouldn't honor the promo code as a replacement. Bummer, but no argument here. 
 Size 8
Nooooooooooooo.... Just got "sold out" email from RL on my Marlow Loafers following a status that said "located and in-stock" for a week. 
 Strange. I found the opposite. 8 in Dents/ 7.5 in these Barney's. 
Saw these live. If you're a fan of budapesters, you need these shoes.
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