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Is there another Pitti thread that was updated more frequently? 
 $85 shipping to Canada. $195 shipping to the USA. Go forth, Canucks!  
 EUR is an even better deal. 
 Some of those made it to 60% in store. Likely called around various Barneys or lives near a store and bought the stock around the country at both the $330 and $259 (that number may be slightly off) mark. 
 Looks like he bought out the Barney's C&J stock in the recent sale to flip. 
 R.I.P. Daffy's
Who/how do we start the order process? Would like to second a call for a top down last comparison.
 Suede is more casual. They are based in Vail. Being located in a mountain town probably drives their buys. I wonder what the ratio of in-store/online sales is for them. 
30% Discount Code type the code 'thirty' at checkout & get 30% off any order until midnight on Sunday 14th December   *stock is very limited on most items so be quick   http://www.chcmshop.com/shop/
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