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Nooooooooooooo.... Just got "sold out" email from RL on my Marlow Loafers following a status that said "located and in-stock" for a week. 
 Strange. I found the opposite. 8 in Dents/ 7.5 in these Barney's. 
Saw these live. If you're a fan of budapesters, you need these shoes.
 This is amazing. 
 Any other details on what you'll be showing/doing? 
On pins and needles for the under $800 standard shipping orders!!!
 Well... thank you for sharing with SF!  Edit:  I see it hit Slick Deals at 11pm last night. Very surprised it took this long to make it to SF, or maybe I shouldn't be. 
Now let's see what happens with the orders! tick tock tick tock. 
And..... dead. 
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