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Adelaide shoe features a perforated toe, and intricate broguing. Burgundy calf on the Alcudia last.   For US size, size us half. 7UK = 7.5 US.    $199   Shoe trees not included.    Shipping $10 CONUS. Outside US, please PM me.    Venmo payment preferred.              
 Fair enough. I'll endeavor to take more pics. 
 Stolen from my cart!
All new with tags. All ties are 8cm (3.14in) Please add $5 for shipping CONUS. Venmo preferred.   [[SPOILER]]  Navy 65% wool 20% silk 15% linen  Untipped, hand rolled edges-$75 Brown 65% wool 20% silk 15% linen  Untipped, hand rolled edges-$89 [[SPOILER]]  NAVY WITH SKY AND...
Please add $5 for shipping. 
You have great info on all things Vass. Thanks for sharing.
@NAMOR- awesome. Those boots somehow look sleeker than a normal F to my eyes. Very nice! 
 Will you post a pic of that new U? 
 Wow that's interesting!  S looks like the 980 http://www.springline.net/mens.htm
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