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 No ... but for $700 retail I would have thought you'd at least get a closed channel sole! 
Did Soiffer Haskin move across the street? I remember them being on the north side of the street, but it looks like people are lined up on the south side? 
I  at today's post from Permanent Style. I realize this is all relative; compare bespoke to bespoke to The Row, and it's a comment on handwork vs other bespoke makers;   And, everyone should be free to buy what they like w/o judgement, especially considering we're a men's clothing forum and what people spend here might not make sense to others less interested in mensware.   Even with all that said, I'm just not sure how you can write this line with a straight...
 Usually similar pricing on STP, just not active for this coupon code. I think the combination Woodlore are better than the JAB trees as well.  
$286 for these Trickers chukkas using 45% off code: http://www.sierratradingpost.com/tricker%E2%80%99s-william-chukka-boots-leather-for-men~p~4763a/?filterString=s~trickers%2F&colorFamily=01   DHM3657A   keycode takes 45% off order + .99c shipping on orders over $75.    Decent deals on Pantherella mid calf cotton socks.    Shoe trees, shockingly, not included in sale. 
Corner Private Sale code 40% everything with some exclusions: seems to work on lots of stuff: PRIVATEUS40
 One then wonders why they don't offer the same sleeve shortening on the shirts. Or perhaps they do in Japan. 
 Did you ask him this vis-a-vis the cost of their MTM? Seems out of wack given the price points on the RTW shirts, other items, and this general stance. 
Yes, but once they start cutting prices it sometimes swings to the US site's favor.
New Posts  All Forums: