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Bloomies got the A/W suiting and outerwear in this morning. Good looking stuff, especially this casentino jacket:      . 
FYI: Appears to work only on full price items. 
read this thread from 6/7/14. 
I have two different blue shades in linen spread collar and one white w/ blue stripes button down. Never wear with an undershirt and not see-through.    And yes, they are cut shorter in length than the Tokyo slim fits. 
 Yes, Sozzi is the only maker of these. 
Hallak has always done a great job for me; I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. 
Note; Note, these are all sized at 3.5" -- good/bad depending on your perspective/needs. 
 Although (maybe?) unintended, I smile at the thought that "Being" at Pitti is now such a raison d'etre that one would just obviously capitalize it.
 Great question! @C&A put together some incredibly long and convincing posts, filled with facts, that certain members wrote off for various reasons. @CHRK33 has been derided by others for speaking too loudly and too often. Surely there will be a response to @Cleav ... I'm just waiting for the red herring.  edit: just saw your ...  
I'm curious how as to how the PC sycophants attack this one. 
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