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Note; Note, these are all sized at 3.5" -- good/bad depending on your perspective/needs. 
 Although (maybe?) unintended, I smile at the thought that "Being" at Pitti is now such a raison d'etre that one would just obviously capitalize it.
 Great question! @C&A put together some incredibly long and convincing posts, filled with facts, that certain members wrote off for various reasons. @CHRK33 has been derided by others for speaking too loudly and too often. Surely there will be a response to @Cleav ... I'm just waiting for the red herring.  edit: just saw your ...  
I'm curious how as to how the PC sycophants attack this one. 
I wonder if they are overwhelmed with orders... just had an epic packing fail   1) suit... received half (no trousers included in box).  2) blazer - security tag still attached inside breast pocket 3) suit with "yoox tag" attached to jackets and pants, making them awkward (at best) to try on singularly and impossible to try on together.
I really hope you're still out partying and not back at the hotel/vrbo what are you doing on SF!?
 That sale was long over by the time you called brah. 
 If this is offensive, I absolutely shudder to think about your reaction to the jokes being made in other, non-styleforvms. 
^Exquisite Trimmings as well. 
Thank you. 
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