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You have great info on all things Vass. Thanks for sharing.
@NAMOR- awesome. Those boots somehow look sleeker than a normal F to my eyes. Very nice! 
 Will you post a pic of that new U? 
 Wow that's interesting!  S looks like the 980 http://www.springline.net/mens.htm
A couple other potential factors for eBay is the strong dollar and emerging markets slow down. I have a smaller shoe size and sold a number of shoes to Asia. This is, perhaps, another factor(s) in my case.
 A much more eloquently stated thesis that I shared with a friend (non-SF) last night. I've noticed the exact same thing... things just aren't moving like the used to. I'm not so sure it's buyers fatigue than related to your second graf. Epic amount of choice in mensware. We've seen a lot of lower priced brands make a just good enough product that I think is certainly stealing market share from secondary market higher end goods sales like eBay and SF. Take mainline shops...
 AFPOS just went 25% off... great deal w/ lasted trees and free shipping to US. 
 Got 'em. They look great, but went right back in the box b/c weather has been so bad I haven't even thought about wearing them. I'll try to snap a pic in sunlight this weekend. 
  100% sure these are not US sized. Check my signature.  I've never heard of the Delon last. I assumed they were Rayder.... but yes, it looks like Delon!  http://thisandthatstyle.tumblr.com/post/9912881749/ethandesu-the-delon-last-carmina-made-to-order
 I guess model 65? It's the Old English II on U Last. 
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