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Guys, they dropped the price on some of the AS exclusives seconds. I picked up a Moore and a pair of the black end of run oxfords Cleav has been posting. (The shape in pics does not do it justice).    Just incredibly impressed at the shipping, speed, and shoes.    Couldn't recommend AFPOS more... shipped overnight and took extra care on all fronts. 
 Interesting. Did the reasoning ever get disclosed?
  You took that castangia from my dreambox! 
Any chance of a summer promotion coming?
 So is the Chestnut description: with a longer period in the tan, to improve its durability, water resistance and edge finishing, referencing the difference specifically to the Oak or is it referring generally to other tanning sole process?  If the latter, I can't tell a discernible difference between the two. 
Will you opine on the difference between Chestnut and oak bark tanned Soles, please?
Nothing about in store returns....RETURNS AND EXCHANGESWe will gladly refund or exchange goods provided that we are informed within 14 days of their arrival, and that they are returned to us in their original condition with tags attached. Please contact us with your name, order number and the products that you wish to return. While no additional fees are incurred when exchanged goods are re-dispatched, the cost of returning the goods to Japan will not be reimbursed unless...
New with tags. Retail price $99. Selling for $79 each. Please add $5 for shipping. Venmo preferred.  Tokyo Pique Size small.  Shirt 1 - 70% cotton 30% linen. Amazing summer shirt. Collar: Cutaway Color: Emerald blue Fabric: Cotton Linen Pique Material: 70% Cotton, 30% Linen Made in: Japan Pocket: Without Cuff: Button Cuff Placket: French Placket http://www.kamakurashirts.net/shop/g/gKF120422S/   Shirt 2 - Tokyo Size Small  SOLD!  [[SPOILER]]
@ttownmd clean up that dog piss
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