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 Will you please describe the color in English for color-blind guy?
 Sounds like a shirt with poplin fabric? 
 Comparing STF and Yoox was a joke right? The size and scale of the operations just isn't comparable. In addition, STF's draconian return policy (only 5 days and for store credit) discourages me from buying from them, so it goes both ways. 
Anyone else watch The Good Wife? Seen two characters in Drakes ties this year.
 I think they just cut prices a bit. 
Go for it. You won't be disappointed. 
thecorner.com FRIENDS20 20% off
 Caution on that blue 36 SC. I had that in my possession before returning it. It's really blue. Really nicely made, super high quality and that's a price that cannot be beat, but really blue. 
 Good luck to you and your friend. Keep us updated. 
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