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 Putting stuff you're selling in a signature is different than posting it in the body of your message every time you post. 
Priced to move!    Buy 4 or more take 20% off    Please add $5 for first class shipping (USPS domestic + $1 if you want tracking). Add fees.     All ties previously owned by me. Smoke free, pet free home.  All ties in Excellent condition unless otherwise noted.      All photos of ties from left to right All measurements in CM   I guess the boxes aren't showing up on mobile...                                  1 Lands End. Dark...
Bloomies got the A/W suiting and outerwear in this morning. Good looking stuff, especially this casentino jacket:      . 
FYI: Appears to work only on full price items. 
read this thread from 6/7/14. 
I have two different blue shades in linen spread collar and one white w/ blue stripes button down. Never wear with an undershirt and not see-through.    And yes, they are cut shorter in length than the Tokyo slim fits. 
 Yes, Sozzi is the only maker of these. 
Hallak has always done a great job for me; I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. 
Note; Note, these are all sized at 3.5" -- good/bad depending on your perspective/needs. 
 Although (maybe?) unintended, I smile at the thought that "Being" at Pitti is now such a raison d'etre that one would just obviously capitalize it.
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