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 I think they just cut prices a bit. 
Go for it. You won't be disappointed. 
thecorner.com FRIENDS20 20% off
 Caution on that blue 36 SC. I had that in my possession before returning it. It's really blue. Really nicely made, super high quality and that's a price that cannot be beat, but really blue. 
 Good luck to you and your friend. Keep us updated. 
  For a wedding in Italy where the groom asked the gentlemen to wear bow ties. Please excuse the lack of jacket (!), it was the middle of summer and near 95 degrees (2013).  
 Not a ringing endorsement... but I'm guessing if you have any issues they will replace w/o question. 
Did anyone take advantage of the MTM offer? Did you like the experience? 
To my knowledge, all accessories, save for some ties, are outsourced. 
Another proud owner of 119. 
New Posts  All Forums: