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Anyone from NYC want to split an order from LSDT? PM me. 
 Please expound. 
 You didn't miss much. I purchased at 50% off, used it 3 times before it warped. Tried to bend it back into place and it cracked on me.  Kent combs on Amazon are a much better value and product. Don't waste your time with horn if you comb your hair when it's at all wet. 
Biggest sprezzy trend I've noticed through pictures seems to be dudes wearing their overcoats only on their shoulders leaving the arms dangling, lifelessly.    What's up with that? 
I wore it with a suit and tie and it worked great for me so YMMV. The spread collar allows for both options. 
 Yes.  Good quality and a very nice feel overall. Softer linen than other shirts I have, like from J. Crew (Irish Linen).  I wore them a few times at the end of the summer during a some heat waves we had here in NYC and they were wonderful.  Sizing on the slim side. I'm size 15/32.333 (but really need a 32) and found the linen fit me slightly better in the sleeves. Extrapolating from there, I'm guessing they are going to fit pretty slim and on the smaller side of your...
 I've found Yoox sample sale to be a horrible deal. In the past, Yoox just moved stuff from the 80% off sale into the sample sale at the same price, doesn't allow codes (usually) and makes everything non-returnable. 
New with tags! Absolutely stunning sport coat.   Zegna sport coat. Originally $2,195 ---- Now $625 $599 $575 $550  $525 $499 shipped CONUS. Priced to move!   Beautiful dark brown (with hint of red) with grey and light blue overchecks.   Made in Italy Fully Canvased Unfinished Sleeves   Listed size 50 (IT) drop 7R Length: 30 Chest: 21.25 Waist (measured from top button) 19.75 Shoulders 18 Sleeves 25.25   95% Wool 5% Cashmere   Some of these pics were...
 I got an email at 338a EST. I presume anyone who has ordered from Porter before has as well. The SF universe is not as pervasive as you may think. 
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