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 Thanks for the clarification.  There's no reason prices should be consistent year over year if the demand is there. I wasn't questioning that.   I was commenting more on your overhearing them say "their first effort at a sample sale." I'd be surprised if someone internally at Armoury didn't reach out to Michael Hill et. al at Drake's to find out best practices of sample sales of yore in nyc.  
 I thought Drake's and Armoury had the same ownership? 
Sounds pretty underwhelming.    @PhiloVance- who makes the Drake's gloves? 
 Simon - are you the coffee shop owner? 
 Hadn't really considered it, but I could. 
Anyone else really confused by this email? Did anyone else receive it?    They want us to update our accounts and store our CC info in their system?   Did they get hacked?   FROM HERE Dear Customer This is an automatic message sent by our security system to let you know that we are updating our databases and...
You should do what chu want wit the body, but speed hooks ≠ CBD
 These sound amazing: Also a U last "London" derby in museum blue I recently acquired a pair of U-last suede chukkas. I like them a lot and wear them often during this time of year, but do sometimes feel they can be a bit incongruent if the rest of my outfit is very casual. Maybe the S-last is a happy medium for you? 
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