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IDK, not really seeing the problem here... get those puppies shined up and wear them with aplomb! 
The very first question was about frequency of acquiring Drake's goods on sale. I found that particularly interesting. Would be curious about the mix of people buying at full retail vs sale.  
I got these a while back for a friend. Brown museum on F    [[SPOILER]]   And have these incoming for me...  The thought was a fall/winter shoe to wear with flannel suits and trousers for the office. Unfortunately, they were delayed so I missed the season... but will look forward to next year.  Antique Congac Scotchgrain / Red/Brown Suede     [[SPOILER]]
 Helpful to me too. How do you find the arm length vs your 15/32.5 on the M? I had S, but they were too tight. 
I find them really nice and less scratchy than lower quality linen. However, cotton linen blend feels even softer, but won't have the same casual feel.  
 Pics or it didn't happen. 
 @meister thanks for posting. Would love to see them in natural light. 
@ray1234  too long
Superstars can do the 29% today - everyone else tomorrow, but it's only on select items... looks like full price only. 
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