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 ...waiting for the ET Black Friday deal... 
 Casentino Isaia. Well done. 
 Ain't nothing new under the sun, brother. 
Looks good. I believe Barney's shoes are made by Campanile, which does quality work. For a summer casual beater, you could do a lot worse. 
 Will you please describe the color in English for color-blind guy?
 Sounds like a shirt with poplin fabric? 
 Comparing STF and Yoox was a joke right? The size and scale of the operations just isn't comparable. In addition, STF's draconian return policy (only 5 days and for store credit) discourages me from buying from them, so it goes both ways. 
Anyone else watch The Good Wife? Seen two characters in Drakes ties this year.
New Posts  All Forums: