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98.5% sure this stock is from the last Drake's/Armoury NYC sample sale. Looks like all the unsold stock was bought by this jobber. I recognize a lot of this dreck. These ties have been up for months. Anything decent that wasn't bought at the sale sold over eBay long ago.  It is all authentic Drake's, but some is old stock with older labels. 
Vass R-Last 42.5 - Black Oxfords. $220 OBO - Great price.    http://www.styleforum.net/t/512602/vass-black-budapest-oxford-r-last-size-uk-8-5-eur-42-5-us-9-5/0_100#post_8253390    
I own this exact coat. It's wonderful. 
Killer price. 
Lovely stuff. 
As a 36" suit is a small going to be too big?
What's the problem here? Vass/Rezso will remake them in exactly what you want. It will take longer, but c'est la vie! 
Dat price though...! 
   The retail price points (see Mr. Porter) of some of the jackets and suits appears about $1K less than previous seasons, so I wonder if the above is still the case. 
Tie prices? 
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