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Decent for medium and large sizes. Terrible for small. Handful of shoes, knits. Tons of ties, especially knits. No 36/46 in tailored clothing - didn't look at other sizes--was decently stocked. Pricing was $400 for sport coats and $600 for suits I think. Ties were $50.
My guess on the Herno pricing is due to the change in the Euro to the Dollar relative to a couple years ago. 
You guys did reverse Black Friday and raised pre order prices? Snooze you (I) lose, apparently.
Take advantage of the cheap CAD...    I was in the market for a parka:    http://www.altitude-sports.com/en (up to 50% off)  http://www.osccross.com/ 15% off : promo: BIGCHILL    convert to USD and feel like you're saving additional $$$. 
 I realize O/T, but would like to hear more about this from you (and others). 
What last?
Got an email this morning that said prices were reduced... anyone make it over today? 
 I liked the small selection of pants and knits (most were Phineas), but, the selection was limited, and with high retail prices ($450 - $700), @ 70% off you're running about average with places to find goods on sale...  Now, if some of that stuff makes it to tomorrow or Friday and they slash prices to 80% or 90% of retail, there may be a gem or two that makes the trip over worth it. 
 Terrible. Very small selection of belts. Ties, there looked like 3 boxes, had a crowd of people in front of them when I was there and, from my quick glance, seemed to be the same they have out on the table when you first walk in the store, during regular sales. 
 Shoe selection was horrible. Decent # of suits and sport coats, but prices today were just 70% off retail. Far fewer options in size 36 than other sizes -- mostly unwearable black w/ thick chalk pinstripes in either peak or DBs.   Maybe I'm jaded, but it didn't feel that different than shopping end of a sale in the store.  As the previous poster said, YMMV, but I was underwhelmed compared to last sale and walked out without buying anything. 
New Posts  All Forums: