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Killer price. 
Lovely stuff. 
As a 36" suit is a small going to be too big?
What's the problem here? Vass/Rezso will remake them in exactly what you want. It will take longer, but c'est la vie! 
Dat price though...! 
   The retail price points (see Mr. Porter) of some of the jackets and suits appears about $1K less than previous seasons, so I wonder if the above is still the case. 
Tie prices? 
 Quite informative and interesting. Thanks for your response. 
 Interesting thought on Sid and that makes sense.  With respect to Carson Street, that's not really an answer as opposed to an expanded description of my question. I'm surmising from the move in that direction that fashion/streetwear is selling to their customer base much better than tailored clothing. If SM and Eidos were also seeing that, well then that's an interesting shift compared to where we were 3-4 years ago. 
 What's the consumer sentiment in the market about tailoring? Carson Street has done away with tailoring (mostly), SM is not expanding and you mentioned a large focus for Eidos away from tailoring going forward. Has the "suit is back" moment passed the broader market and #menswear? 
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