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 Just like the shoes, smashing deal. 
I was actually at C21 today... total dreck. The tie selection has really gone downhill. 
wow... 70% off the suits. That's great. Wish I had gotten back today. 
 Like I said, great deal. 
Great deal on socks.    http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/socks/william-abraham/william-abraham-cervelt-sock.html
 Find a proxy in one of those countries....  or go on vacation and ship to your hotel 
Farfetch 20% off code still good tonight.   44.5 really nice looking buttero hiking boots $183 before 20% off http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/buttero-hiking-style-boots-item-10771700.aspx?storeid=9560&ffref=lp_15_   not the best price but beautiful burnished toe canali wingtips size 43 http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/canali-contrasting-cap-toe-brogues-item-10861980.aspx?storeid=9661&ffref=lp_6_   double leather s--t kickers Trickers size...
 Thanks for the clarification.  There's no reason prices should be consistent year over year if the demand is there. I wasn't questioning that.   I was commenting more on your overhearing them say "their first effort at a sample sale." I'd be surprised if someone internally at Armoury didn't reach out to Michael Hill et. al at Drake's to find out best practices of sample sales of yore in nyc.  
 I thought Drake's and Armoury had the same ownership? 
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