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Superstars can do the 29% today - everyone else tomorrow, but it's only on select items... looks like full price only. 
Not sure when Armoury started carrying Carmina, but I'm confident Carmina were well known to SFers long before that. I bought my first pair in Spain pre-'10.     Just so everyone is clear, see below for my order from the Sept '12 for pricing on shell.    432,00 € x 1 = 432,00 € Lace-up wing tip oxford in Burgundy Shell cordovan Semi squared last. Leather sole. Calf lining.  TOTAL PRICE OF ORDER Payment method: Credit card Order Price (Taxes included): 432,00...
Their version of MTM leaves a lot to be desired with respect to how most of us think of MTM. I'm sure the actual shirt quality will be fantastic. I hope you find the fit is good as well.
New With Tags - Japan Blue 0601. Size 30. $135 shipped CONUS.    Link here:  http://www.blueowl.us/products/jb0601-14-8oz-selvedge-denim-high-tapered?variant=11050313345   Japan Blue's "High Tapered" denim provides more room in the top block than it's "Tapered" counterpart, with a touch higher rise, substantially more room in the thighs, and smaller leg opening.
 Any professional cobbler will make it look like new if you don't want to deal w/ it yourself. 
I like J's Cleaners for mid-range. I use Hallack for a higher end suit. 
 2 Larges left. 
 I had the chance to buy one at an amazing price and my wifey said it was the worst thing she's ever seen and basically echoed your comments. Said I could never ever wear it when I was with her. I love it and regret passing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Eidos x Christian Kimber Boots size 8D    New with box. Tried on only.    Retail: $495    $275 $239 Shipped CONUS              
Another plug for great service by Sarah of A Fine Pair of Shoes. We had a small snafu in an order and when brought to her attention, she corrected it quickly and honored previous discount code and terms. There's no place I would otherwise go for Alfred Sargent's. 
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