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  33% markup for what's essentially the same product? We have different ideas of reasonable. 
 But I never mentioned Armoury? Whatever, I think we're just agreeing and helping price discovery for everyone. 
 Ok?  750 Euro equals 1031.70 US Dollar650 Euro equals 894.14 US Dollar
I also don't think RJ is $700 in Japan. Seems like that might be the most basic starting point for sport coats. I think $900/$1000 is where most of the suits start. 
 Showing a 7.5 on the web, but they wouldn't honor the promo code as a replacement. Bummer, but no argument here. 
 Size 8
Nooooooooooooo.... Just got "sold out" email from RL on my Marlow Loafers following a status that said "located and in-stock" for a week. 
 Strange. I found the opposite. 8 in Dents/ 7.5 in these Barney's. 
Saw these live. If you're a fan of budapesters, you need these shoes.
 This is amazing. 
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