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Thank you. 
 For the life of me, I can't figure out how you play the game.  __________________(insert jokes here)
 Well done! I have been eyeing a Sartorio and now see the page I bookmarked is blank.  
 All my Hober macs (4 or 5) are unlined and none have white back. 
   Thanks both.
Are any of the outlet ties ever less than 9cm? Thanks and sorry if this has been asked and answered.
 Barneys coming in hot  with some nice private label grenadines for the MC set. None are labeled as such... so here they are below... Really nicely self-lined as well (are the edges even hand rolled?).   http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/barneys-new-york-honeycomb-jacquard-stripe-tie-00505029790708.html (best of the bunch...
 Thanks! I think it was the angle in combo with the creasing on the medallion. Second pic looks good/normal per your two years of wear. 
Nick can correct if I'm wrong.  A) Bloomies will have more "basics." Carson street has their own stylized models. B) All Edios are fully canvased. 
 The creasing on your Vass look... I don't know... a little more beat up that I would expect with normal wear. Is that just the pic/angle playing visual tricks? 
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