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edit: asked above! 
 **My sizing is a bit different, but seems consistent with your loose fitting rain shoes.  6.5 UK Rain = 40.5 U last for me. 
New With Tags!    Inis Meain - 100% Linen "Floating Moss" Gansey Sweater in Navy with Buttons   Size Small   Pit to pit 49cm Pit to sleeve 48cm Shoulder to shoulder 42cm Back below collar to bottom 68cm   Retail at Frans Boone 250 Euro.  Retail in the US $395    Made in Ireland   $150 + Shipping  Sold      
 Some people take same F and U. Others size down a half size from U to F. I was using conjecture based on all your measurements. Best you speak with someone who sells Vass directly for the best advice. Good luck. 
 You seem like you're right in between a normal 6 UK and 6.5UK  Based on your descriptions,I'd go: 40 in U 39.5 in F (though you could probably fit a 39 also).  You should correspond via email with whomever you order from to confirm. 
   Oh wow... http://www.bowen.fr/Balmoral-Boot/1457035.html  
The threshold is now $800 for overseas goods. 
 Agreed.  Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts @super1flavor. It's a valuable perspective and contribution to the thread. That said, @long_kniveswas pretty clearly joking.  FWIW, I was able to stack a "birthday code" with the 50% promo last week to achieve what I thought was some pretty good pricing. Best I've been able to achieve in a few years on what I think are some staples. We'll see what happens when the merch shows up... 
Barney's second markdown coming Thursday
 Store may be closing. It says until 6/24 and "everything must go." 
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