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 Curious which sales you would point to as being near or on-par with '08 as opposed to standard seasonal sales?
 ^^^^ Dangerously wrong, bad information.  50 IT = 40 US. 
 Yes, both sound lovely. 
Too much of a generalization. Will ultimately come down to suit model and store it was made for. Caruso from yoox a few years ago switched to drop 8 - those run small if anything. I've had Belvest all over the map, etc etc. Point is, even when you think you know, you may be in for a surprise when that Yoox box shows up at your door.
Stop taunting us with that green one!
 I don't understand the context of this statement, but I'm curious.
I don't think the length will work for you. 
IDK, not really seeing the problem here... get those puppies shined up and wear them with aplomb! 
The very first question was about frequency of acquiring Drake's goods on sale. I found that particularly interesting. Would be curious about the mix of people buying at full retail vs sale.  
New Posts  All Forums: