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  100% sure these are not US sized. Check my signature.  I've never heard of the Delon last. I assumed they were Rayder.... but yes, it looks like Delon!  http://thisandthatstyle.tumblr.com/post/9912881749/ethandesu-the-delon-last-carmina-made-to-order
 I guess model 65? It's the Old English II on U Last. 
Thanks; dark brown museum and brown scotch grain
Incoming tomorrow!         
 Just like the shoes, smashing deal. 
I was actually at C21 today... total dreck. The tie selection has really gone downhill. 
wow... 70% off the suits. That's great. Wish I had gotten back today. 
 Like I said, great deal. 
Great deal on socks.    http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/socks/william-abraham/william-abraham-cervelt-sock.html
 Find a proxy in one of those countries....  or go on vacation and ship to your hotel 
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