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You pay $8 for local pizza delivery? I have a bridge, super cheap, would love to sell you.
 $30 for shipping. What a scam. 
good price! Great buy for guys 5'9"+ 
 Curious which sales you would point to as being near or on-par with '08 as opposed to standard seasonal sales?
 ^^^^ Dangerously wrong, bad information.  50 IT = 40 US. 
 Yes, both sound lovely. 
Too much of a generalization. Will ultimately come down to suit model and store it was made for. Caruso from yoox a few years ago switched to drop 8 - those run small if anything. I've had Belvest all over the map, etc etc. Point is, even when you think you know, you may be in for a surprise when that Yoox box shows up at your door.
Stop taunting us with that green one!
 I don't understand the context of this statement, but I'm curious.
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