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 I should also note, just to clarify as I reclicked your link... I don't have the collar issue on button down shirts. The light blue striped BD shirt you linked looks like a winner. 
I have a couple Cash blend shirts. Apples and Oranges to Oxford; completely different cloth. Very soft and lovely shirt. More difficult to iron/maintain. When I send my shirts out to be laundered, the collar on the cash always requires a touch-up because, as Kamakura explained to me (and I didn't really understand), their collars have excess fabric (to feel soft like buttered bread - seriously). This renders itself much more noticeable on more delicate fabrics like...
 It will not improve. If anything, the collar will shrink. 
 I have a couple of egg-shell colored uni stripes (blue and purple) that have shrunk in the body noticeably more than any of my others (white ground uni stripes, butcher, and solid blues). I don't own any white, but probably ~8 ocbd. 
 The standard ocbd have a better collar roll than the casual line. I would go standard over casual to wear under a sweater every time. Perhaps spring and summer you want something different and casual may be better. FWIW, I only own the standard and am super pleased. 
2 incredible and gorgeous Shaggy Dog sweaters. DOUBLE brushed. So soft. Made by Harley 1 color - Stardust   1 color - Blueberry Size small   Made in Scotland  Pit to pit 49cm Back length (neck to hem) 67cm Sleeve length 82cm (center neck to end of cuff) Price: $150 each +$5 shipped CONUS
A week or so
 They actually add 10% to whatever the discount is, so it comes to 30, 35, 40% - rather than stacking after the fact. 
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