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 Agreed... keep us updated please. 
Check Amex's guarantee for overseas purchases.  I know they don't offer return protection on orders outside the US. 
 Moving warehouses, perhaps? 
I lost mine too...Only had it for 1 year and in that year probably bought over $15k of stuff and returned 99%...So yeah, I can't complain. Still, I don't think I really did anything to deserve it last year either, so annointment seems arbitrary.
Not yoox, but couldn't recommend Kamakura more for this.
 If you're going to be in NYC, I have a local guy I would highly recommend. 
Vass' best days are already behind it?
I was in the Madison store on the 1st and bought one against my better judgement. Got a pink stripe madison, a thin blue and grey stripe that I'll try to wear and a horrific French blue that is utterly unwearable.
The one I just checked in my closet says 95 cotton 5 cashmere
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