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Admission: I am a store manager for JoS. A. Bank. Reason for post: I have seen SO much incorrect information about our products posted on this forum and would like to offer my services to answer questions with valid information. I know JoS. A. Bank is not very highly regarded on these pages, but a lot of what I have read is biased - if not completely incorrect. If you have any questions about our quality, fit, styles, fabrics, construction, sales, etc...please do...
as a person that sells men's clothing, i am gonna say you are a 38S that needs the sleeves lengthened (which should not be a problem with any store that has a tailor...$15 tops)
@Timeless Fashion : true story
First of all, I will admit...I am "one of them". I manage a JoS. A. Bank take what I have to say with that in mind. Another admission: I have worked with my tailor for long enough and learned enough from her that I often tailor my own clothing. That being said, I will absolutely guarantee that the side seams of our Executive or Traveler shirts are not glued. They are all single-needle tailored and DO include a "tape" or seam-binding that prevents puckering...
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