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Hey guys, For the last while ive had an undercut and I keep struggling with what to put into my hair. I generally like to slick it back or put it off to the side. When I slick it back, I generally use a fibre paste. The problem is that my hair is VERY thick and it's getting quite long on the top so by the middle of an evening my hair ends up falling down the sides of my shaved head and I kind of look like a serial killing maniac. When I part it to the side, generally for...
Anyone have an input on where to get a mink oil or something for my red wings... and also is that the correct thing I am looking for when it comes to leather red wing boots? I just noticed I have some dark scuff and overall they're getting wear far too quickly. I'm in a remote location so I can't just go into town to pick something up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neumodo I think that boils down to personal preference...boundaries of good style should be well defined, but not so restrictive as to prevent the exercise of originality. In my opinion, the shoes any gentleman should have are: 1. Black and brown wing tips. I personally love Barker Black's designs. 2. Driving shoes, in red and blue of course, but purple and green also look good. Tod's also makes some pretty nice...
Fuck this... because of this thread I am staying for a MSc and PhD.
Quote: Originally Posted by Duff_Man Thought about moving the vert grip farther forward? That close, you might as well be using the magwell. haha that's not mine specifically; but my grip is the same spot... causes no problems.
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin I never even played it online, but used to go for 12-18 hours straight in front of my computer when going through my divorce back in 2002. It is like crack...... I am eagerly awaiting Diablo III, which drops this winter. Mike Oh for sure I used to play d2 for hours and hours. Diablo 3 won't be good for me...
Some nut has been paying me to carry one of these around lately.
$80 for an 86 barb with cookie cutter gear? You know the game is like a billion years old and people are selling multiple 99 accounts with amazing gear for 100 bucks?
If anyone has either of these let me know; looking for Sunspels in a large.
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