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Quote: Originally Posted by redcaimen You must be my age. That book came out when I was a kid. Remember the mafia blowjobs? Hellz yeah, and the seduction of young gawky men...that book was indeed formative.
Brings to mind the vignette from "The Happy Hooker," where the Japanese businessman came equipped with a prosthetic average-sized dong that squirted lukewarm water. He inserted his own unit in the other end.
Can anyone tell me about Lowe Donald cloth? I understand H&S owns it now, but is it a mill, or merchant, or something else? Have Lowe Donald's collections been fully subsumed by H&S? I can't find any info, samples, etc. on the webz. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 it's a tough gig to walk into with no prior experience Yeah, I had roughly the same background (journalism degree and 5 years' experience as a writer/editor) when I applied for a few technical writing gigs a while back. Other than being able to clearly explain anything so a 5-year-old can understand, the skill sets are quite different. In software, for instance, a good part of your work would be as part of...
I hope this resolves itself in the best way possible for all parties concerned. I have bought several items from Tony in the past -- while they may have been slow to ship at times, I've always received them.
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman Perhaps these are more to your taste. Those look like yams...
saint_theo is a gent and a pleasure to do business with -- thanks again!
Bump for a fantastic seller!
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one It's pretty simple, you can approximate it with most of the recipes online, I've found. Standard chicken broth (make your own homemade Asian chicken broth with leeks, ginger and a touch of rice wine if you're a perfectionist,) pork, tofu, canned bamboo shoots julienned, jew's ear mushrooms (forgot the alternate name for these, apologies,) shiitakes if you have them, and soy sauce, ginger, and lots of ground white...
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