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Fucking love Pecorino Romano, to the point where I can't even eat Reggiano now. I haven't tried the Sardo or the one with the little peppercorns in it yet. On my bucket list: Sardinia and cazu marzu (sp?).
This thread is depressing...so many people giving up on life...
Quote: Originally Posted by tacobender Quick Side Story: A client of mine invited me to lunch last year. Him and his friends/ coworkers were eating at a burger joint that I love, so I figured why not. Someone in the group noticed his Patek, and having recently come into some money asked "What type of watch should I buy?" - The owner offered a few suggestions and pretty much said, for a first luxury watch, just get a Rolex, it will last a life time,...
Geoff, as a fellow Bytowner I had to chuckle at your reference to Armen...the shoes in the window are truly hideous.
Carefully curated episodes of C.O.P.S.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel ^Guys who take this "no means no" business too seriously get laid a lot less often than those who don't! A certain amount of coy resistance is inherent in female sexuality, I think--and I don't just mean human females. A harsh, firm "NO!", and, yeah, I'd probably back off. A tremulous "no-o-oh," and I'd keep pressing on. I never had to drug a girl or take advantage of a passed-out one to get laid. If...
I look forward to you two finding out about "no means no" in, oh, 20 years.
OP should be prepared for old ladies sneaking up behind him, touching his arm and then looking at their hand to see if any black has rubbed off...
Quote: Originally Posted by SField I saw about 20 minutes of a Biggest Loser episode while at the gym. This guy who is like 18000lbs was talking about how he had a standing order at a pizza place. They'd simply call him and let him know the pizza was on the way every night, no need to even call. Jesus christ. You mock, but...Daily pizza delivery habit saves woman's life
I haven't had anyone try to get lary with me in a while, but I have always believed that "You want a fucking smack in the mouth son?", accompanied by a raised eyebrow, can work wonders.
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