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Better to go with a third-party who offers Dainite soles? Would Edward Green even touch these?
I believe Larry Flynt owned up to screwing a chicken when he was younger during an interview. When the journalist asked how that was possible, he said something like "Easy - you just fuck it in the egg bag." Are dolphins people or animals? Paging Nosu...
My sense is that a lot of those who voted for him have grown sick of his shit...
The agreement dopey quoted says "all Palestinian factions". I still don't understand why Israel can't fire up the Apaches and go looking for launch sites if the missiles are still flying...EDIT: This article seems to leave the impression that Israel's co-operation at this stage might be designed to provide moral cover for another incursion into the Strip:Netanyahu also left the door open to a possible ground invasion of Gaza at a later date.“I know there are citizens that...
The kinetic energy of the first round is enough to severely compromise the glass's integrity. Most bulletproof glass is designed to stop penetration from a limited number of rounds, not ALL bullets fired at it.
What's bad about it? A single Qassam rocket from Gaza would nullify the agreement.
Is that you in your avatar? Nice "prison pussy"...
Reader's Digest?
Whatever -- some Middle Eastern place, OK?
+1000. The country's name is currently Myanmar -- what's he supposed to call it during an official visit? Even the AP articled linked from the Torygraph op-ed is datelined Myanmar...I feel sorry for BO for having to put up with four more years of this trifling B.S., but I guess that's the price you pay.
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