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I now scrape you off my shoe, you one-dimensional prick.
Sorry for being so flip. Perhaps you'd care to name the elephant, then?
I thought this was a pretty good graphic, but it's too big to reproduce here: http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/07/28/guns-ownership-around-the-world-graphic/ Check out Mexico and Brazil's firearms per 100,000 citizens, vs. homicides committed with firearms.
The TV epic "Mahabharat" was quite good...wrong group of fuzzy-wuzzies though.
A car has far more utility for a poor person than a firearm -- do we ensure every affordable rental housing unit has a parking pad?
Most of the gun safes I've seen are bolted to the concrete foundations of houses, and made of thick cast steel, so they must weigh a few hundred pounds empty. I think they're supposed to also be fire-rated and designed to defeat x amount of minutes' worth of break-in attempt.
We have gun safes in Canada -- it's not an insurance thing, it's a criminal responsibility thing (you can be charged for unsafe storage). Our storage rules are:ammo and gun locked separatelytrigger lock on gungun and ammo come out of safe to go hunting or to the range, then right back in againgun and ammo must be locked in your trunk during transportationno stopping off for groceries with gun and ammo in the trunk of your carIt's worked quite well for us, although...
Yeah, me too...I guess it's a two-pronged approach: do everything you can (which means paying for it) to reduce factors for violent crime, while simultaneously ensuring more police and other measures to instil trust in "the system".
I recognize that violent crime will always be a factor. It's really whether you can trust the police to protect you, or whether you need to be able to handle things yourself because 911 is 12 minutes away.
Gun companies had the idea in the 1970s that the cost of handguns was limiting the market to the middle class and upper class, so they had the "democratizing" idea of making cheaper guns (usually with substandard alloys, poor tooling, etc.) to market to teh poorz. "Everyone has a right to a gun," they said, ignoring the fact that these guns were almost as dangerous for the user as for anyone they were pointed at. Plus, it led to a proliferation of guns in those parts of...
New Posts  All Forums: