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Can anyone tell me about Lowe Donald cloth? I understand H&S owns it now, but is it a mill, or merchant, or something else? Have Lowe Donald's collections been fully subsumed by H&S? I can't find any info, samples, etc. on the webz. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 it's a tough gig to walk into with no prior experience Yeah, I had roughly the same background (journalism degree and 5 years' experience as a writer/editor) when I applied for a few technical writing gigs a while back. Other than being able to clearly explain anything so a 5-year-old can understand, the skill sets are quite different. In software, for instance, a good part of your work would be as part of...
I hope this resolves itself in the best way possible for all parties concerned. I have bought several items from Tony in the past -- while they may have been slow to ship at times, I've always received them.
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman Perhaps these are more to your taste. Those look like yams...
saint_theo is a gent and a pleasure to do business with -- thanks again!
Bump for a fantastic seller!
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one It's pretty simple, you can approximate it with most of the recipes online, I've found. Standard chicken broth (make your own homemade Asian chicken broth with leeks, ginger and a touch of rice wine if you're a perfectionist,) pork, tofu, canned bamboo shoots julienned, jew's ear mushrooms (forgot the alternate name for these, apologies,) shiitakes if you have them, and soy sauce, ginger, and lots of ground white...
Quote: Originally Posted by othertravel Has anybody had much experience with Harry Rosen bespoke? I had two shirts done, and was very disappointed with the results. I wish I asked for a refund. Anybody else had good or bad experiences with it? J.P. Tilford? EDIT: nvm, that's the MTM program...I wasn't happy with it either though.
Anyone try the Bowmore Tempest yet?
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