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7,000 bottles of wine, ranging from $4 to $150, destroyed in four seconds....
Could this be the Phantom Paperer, using some counter-psy-ops on you?
Racing in the Targa Newfoundland -- Canada claims another victim!
Werdz. All that shit needs is a red-black-and-green leather Africa medallion around the neck and it's revisionist fresh.
Opened my bottle of Port Charlotte An Turas Mor last night. Being too po' to have sampled the other PC editions, I am now wondering what I missed out on....
Absolutely. As well as anything made in Canada, the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, etc. Recent example: Broil King gas BBQ (made in Canada) instead of a Weber (made in China) -- price differential was approx. 35%
I think all the bystanders were afraid to grab him, just in case the black rubbed off on their hands.
EU, son. Doin' Da Butt!
This is starting to sound like another David Fincher flick...did you recently celebrate a birthday?
Saw "HOTMESS" here a while back...
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