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Recent grads in many industries aren't worth anything -- witness the growing incidence of unpaid internships in fields such as communications, marketing, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton The point is, credit scores are a proxy for reliability, trustworthiness, risk, etc. Sellers, landlords, service providers, etc., can't possibly evaluate each renter/customer on the merits so they have to use some quick proxy to do so. Maybe it's not fair but it's also not easy to come up with some perfectly fair and efficient way to make such evaluations in a huge and complex society. Oh, and Polonius was a fool,...
I think the "no credit makes you a credit risk" mentality is bullshit -- the article is right, you're supposed to save up for what you want, not buy it on credit when you don't have the money. How many of our parents and grandparents grew up (and in some cases wealthy) on the old maxim "Neither a borrower nor a lender be"?
Quote: Originally Posted by tesuquegolfer In 2001 I took a job as a contractor to a large company and my hourly wage was $51/hr with no benefits. I was considered a Sr. Project Controls Engineer (support to a Project Manager w a BS in Business Information Systems) but I wasn't really Sr. which concerned me, I had 7-10 yrs of general experience in the field. It was a game that the contract company played as they new the they could charge more for Sr....
Quote: Originally Posted by Bhowie It I hold my fork in my left hand with the curved part up... Quote: Originally Posted by fwiffo I learnt from my mother who was born in a British colony so it was always tines down with the fork in the left. This is absolutely the proper way to use a fork in terms of etiquette, but how contra-functional! Next question: who spoons their soup away from them?
It's quite something to walk behind a stooped 60-something Chinese man and watch him blow his nose with his fingers, moments before he climbs into his Continental Flying Spur.
Quote: Originally Posted by ANIKETOS What franchises do you frequent? Chicken Ranch.
Bought the wife one for Mother's Day (32 GB, Wi-Fi only 'cause 3G data sucks in Canada) but need a good case for it....some good ones on this thread, now to see if they are available up here!
Quote: Originally Posted by redcaimen You must be my age. That book came out when I was a kid. Remember the mafia blowjobs? Hellz yeah, and the seduction of young gawky men...that book was indeed formative.
Brings to mind the vignette from "The Happy Hooker," where the Japanese businessman came equipped with a prosthetic average-sized dong that squirted lukewarm water. He inserted his own unit in the other end.
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