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Quote: Originally Posted by Mark Stone Thanks a lot guys. This is exactly what I was looking for. I wasn't crazy about the shoes, but I didn't know why I didn't like them. They just bugged me. Now I know, square toe = no. Sucks, I will feel weird wearing them today. I have never, EVER had clothes that fit. I know I should probably have stuff tailored, but I can't really afford it at the moment. I've had 3 suits total, and they are all tight at the...
Bongo is a pretty good service for shipping transborder. I ordered a Gandia Blasco rug from a U.S. online retailer (that didn't ship to Canada) and had it sent to Bongo's warehouse in Connecticut for forwarding to my home here...they mismarked the value as $270 (instead of $2700) so I got hit with minimal customs charges. Of course, you do pay for the service, but it's pretty reasonable. They'll also hold stuff until you've got a big enough package to make shipping...
Quote: Originally Posted by cuffthis #4 - Saint James Hors D'Age Rhum Agricole from Martinique (best example of terroir - Martinique rhums have a unique taste) Just picked up a bottle of Saint James Vieux Ambre...never had an agricole before, so figured I'd take the plunge.
A few more to throw out there: "Bright Lights, Big City" "The Big Chill" "Stand By Me"
Walking along, spotting some dog shit at the last minute and congratulating yourself for avoiding it..........then realizing the lump you saw was the rearguard, and you actually stepped in some half a block back.
For the John Hughes fans, there's a documentary on Netflix that looks interesting: Don't You Forget About Me: The Documentary
I wonder if Kunta Connyay knew he was selling his dignity in perpetuam for $18 at the time... Great tie BTW, at a fantastic price -- buyer is one lucky fellow.
Is the 42R Corallorosso jacket navy or grey? Having a hard time telling with my decrepit eyes...
That first SC is dope!
Man, that's unfortunate. I applaud you for attempting to bring some professionalism and aesthetics to the workplace through your choice of clothing, as well as being the kind of manager who recognizes what needs to be done and does it (instead of procrastinating until there's a minion available), but perhaps your wardrobe is best employed elsewhere (dinner dates, nights at the opera/ballet/whatever) for now.
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