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This man is the awesome: http://www.thestar.com/news/world/article/1304923--why-one-iraqi-war-vet-volunteered-to-stand-guard-in-front-of-an-elementary-school-all-day HUGHSON, CALIF.—A Marine veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan took up self-imposed duty in front of a central California elementary school in the wake of the Connecticut shooting. Hughson Elementary School Principal Laura Fong said Sgt. Craig Pusley stood all day Wednesday in fatigues in front of the flag pole at...
M1 Carbine is still a good gun.
Not as a matter of course the way that prostate screening is pushed, no. But a friend's father was having headaches and mood changes, and was in having a CT within 2 months, which is pretty impressive for Canada you must admit.I don't think there are any particular obstacles to getting help with mental health issues in Canada either. We often fail at what happens after the diagnosis is made, though.
What's that, bitch? Speak up, I can't hear you.
I was going to posit that it's a New-World, frontier mentality kind of thing, where the only justice you can depend on is the one you dispense yourself. But Ataturk has never been shy about making controversial pronouncements, so I'm sure he'll be along shortly to expound.
Actually, another hypothesis: would reform to health care in the U.S. have a corollary effect on gun crime? If earlier screening and detection of, say, psychosis or brain tumors (two often-advanced causes of these kinds of shootings) was available to the general public, would there be less mass shootings? EDIT: to clarify that lack of insurance seems to be cited in studies on access to almost all kinds of healthcare, including cancer screening.
I now scrape you off my shoe, you one-dimensional prick.
Sorry for being so flip. Perhaps you'd care to name the elephant, then?
I thought this was a pretty good graphic, but it's too big to reproduce here: http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/07/28/guns-ownership-around-the-world-graphic/ Check out Mexico and Brazil's firearms per 100,000 citizens, vs. homicides committed with firearms.
The TV epic "Mahabharat" was quite good...wrong group of fuzzy-wuzzies though.
New Posts  All Forums: