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Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Despite Vox's tomfoolery, I still don't know what a money color is. I demand satisfaction. "Money color" is what's left when the money shot has dried into a stain. Funny you should use the word "satisfaction"...
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles Rant Look what I missed out on Slipped my memory to bid. goddammit. they are now selling ONLY with BIN at 3x the price. That seller has some good stuff actually, and is always prompt with shipping. You're right, though: they've been doing a lot more BINs now.
This thread has just completed the round trip from pussyfooting to real talk...please don't forget anything when you leave, and hope you'll travel with us again soon.
Do you think it would work for a 41/42S? FWIW, a 22" chest fits me perfectly...
Quote: Originally Posted by philosophe I don't put my cotton incos in the dryer, so the length hardly changes. Even if yours do shrink a little bit in the wash, the cotton will stretch with wearing. This is even more true with the chino linos. Bottom line: let them hang dry. + 1/2. I put them in the dryer on Low/Delicates for 10 minutes just to knock the lint and wrinkles off, then hang to dry.
As gross as it sounds, I have a flat cap of my grandfather's, made from the finest Berwick tweed. I wear it on rainy/cold days and think of him at my age, tending to matters on his farm in Wales...
Quote: Originally Posted by stylemeup Did that study remember to deduct crime dollars in order to account for the violation of one's anal sanctity that may occur in jail? Kiton Sartorio 3-roll-2: $2900 Keeping anal virginity intact: priceless
Can't forget Josh a.k.a. mr bunbury -- top man to deal with all around!
I have bought Incotex pants from both edmorel and chorse123 on here, and have been delighted by the experience with both gentlemen. Thank you Ed and Jamison!
The label says the jacket is/was part of a suit -- do you have the pants, or even the trimmed hems from them?
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