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PMed on first pair...very nice pants all!
I think the typical "North American" cotton pique polo (think Gap or A&F) looks terrible under a sport coat or blazer. The knitted Italian-style polo, however, can look stellar. These are usually characterized by a floppy collar (rather than the kind with all the facing on the NA shirts, which are designed to be "popped") and a few more buttons than the 2/3 you usually find on other polos. By no means imho should a logoed polo be worn!
There are a number of fragrances that to my nose just smell "clean" -- not necessarily like soap, but very light and citrus/floral I guess compared with the cloying heaviness of other scents. I submit that if one is looking for a standard "smell" that will make them memorable (in an inoffensive way), this is the route to take. Two examples are Decleor L'Original (now sadly discontinued, but you can find it cheap on eBay if you want to take a chance) and Lalique Pour...
This thread has proven far more instructional than all the years I've wasted in university/viewing pornography combined...a daily must-read.
One model to look for is the Seamaster Deville. I have one -- it's a stout, sturdy timepiece that can often be had for around $300-$400 on eBay. Here is the model I have:
Two ironing tips from personal experience: one, use distilled water in your iron. A jug of it costs less than a buck at most drugstores, which is far cheaper than replacing your darker-colored shirts when the mineral stains set in. Two, use a solid ironing surface such as the one pictured above. Using ironing boards with awful metal grid patterns can press that pattern into your shirt, ironing pad notwithstanding.
My counsel for the OP: take a week off work (vacation or whatever), buy several packs of M-80s, then set your alarm variously for 1:30 a.m., 4:00 a.m., 6:15 a.m., etc. Wake with the alarm, stroll out to the carport, and discharge a pyrotechnic. Return to bed and wait for the next alarm.
I'm in the same boat, kind of: I'm leaving home-based employment for an office environment shortly. I have 8-10 pairs of chino/khaki-type pants, ranging from off-white to a fairly dark tan, with grays and olives in there as well, but want something a bit more sophisticated....between khakis and full-on dress pants. One option I've been looking at is lighter-weight pants in linen, or a cotton-linen blend. Also, the Incotex pants you see for sale on here quite a bit are...
Quote: Originally Posted by korce Some wonderful finds in this thread. Does anyone have suggestions for thrifing in Toronto? I haven't done much, though have been to most stores in Kensington over time (seem overpriced now), and the value village near lansdowne and bloor. If any torontonians are willing to share their secret spots I'd love to know! Haven't done too much thrifting in Toronto, but the Ex-Toggery on Avenue Road near...
Woodford Reserve's praline-and-burnt-sugar nose is incredible -- great value. Bulleit's good for making juleps with.
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