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Good thread (for once) AF
I hope an IRS audit of his practice comes of this....10 years' worth of records should suffice.
Geoff, as a fellow Bytowner I had to chuckle at your reference to Armen...the shoes in the window are truly hideous.
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn Heh, I love how AF links shit by Cato and National Review and claims it's non-partisan. Hell, I love Cato myself, but come on man. What's partisan about it? All sensible people believe that the best government is the smallest government, and that profit is an end, not a means to one.
At least three federal parties gonna be looking for new leaders after the next election...
Carefully curated episodes of C.O.P.S.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel ^Guys who take this "no means no" business too seriously get laid a lot less often than those who don't! A certain amount of coy resistance is inherent in female sexuality, I think--and I don't just mean human females. A harsh, firm "NO!", and, yeah, I'd probably back off. A tremulous "no-o-oh," and I'd keep pressing on. I never had to drug a girl or take advantage of a passed-out one to get laid. If...
I look forward to you two finding out about "no means no" in, oh, 20 years.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Being upset at high gas prices that hurt working families is a negative thing? Further, Gore (at least last I checked) is a Dem. In fact, he might even have been candidate for POTUS at one time. Notice I drew a distinction between the (D) Al Gore and the Dems that were upset over high gas prices that hurt working families? So I have identified a) a political party (not a philosophical position which is what...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Al Gore wanted gas to be $5 / gallon back in the 90s. Funny how when gas spiked under Bush Dems were so upset at high gas prices, saying how it hurt working families. None of them seemed inclined to slap a big, Gore size tax on gas as prices fell. I guess the Dems are part of the "no new taxes" crowd? While I am happy you have joined the conversation, you really have to stop this broad brush bullshit...
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