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And despair at this Indian chappie's bespoke, 22-karat gold shirt: http://www.punemirror.in/article/62/2012122820121228100259784e1f128b/Pimpri-man-dons-bespoke-gold-shirt.html Not sure if I'm doing the conversion right, but 1.27 crore appears to be about $232,000 in U.S. dollars...
We need stomach stapling for this cohort. As in, cut their fucking stomach out and staple it to the wall so they can see how gross and distended it is.
UPDATE: Interpol names suspect, puts out alert for "Buddy the Elf"
That doesn't appear to be an official U.S. Government site...it's registered to "Domains by Proxy LLC" which is a subsidiary of GoDaddy.com
Generally I am in favour of wealth redistribution via taxes, but we in Canada get reamed on liquor tax. It's become so bad that I'm practically drinking well liquor brands...
Not sure what this guy fought back with, but it's a semi-auto at least. And, one of the home invaders has a long weapon of some kind:
That, and their approach to helping the less fortunate with no voiced expectation of winning people over to their faith. I find modern missionary work as practiced by some churches (proselytizing, convertion) to be the antithesis of what I imagine Jesus was trying to achieve, which is what the OP is about: deeds and good works.
Globe, I have a friend who served in the IDF during the 1980s who is certifiable. Not sure if that happened before they gave him a gun, or after.
This should be an interesting thread. This past year we moved up into a community of "1%ers" (for Canada at least), and I was struck by how many of our neighbors attend church or synagogue regularly. I was raised and baptised an Anglican, but haven't set foot in a church, other than for friends' weddings, for more than 20 years. My spouse and I aren't married, and neither of our kids are baptised.However, this Christmas we decided to attend church as a family for the first...
That was actually a pretty good piece. Thanks.
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