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Is the 42R Corallorosso jacket navy or grey? Having a hard time telling with my decrepit eyes...
That first SC is dope!
Man, that's unfortunate. I applaud you for attempting to bring some professionalism and aesthetics to the workplace through your choice of clothing, as well as being the kind of manager who recognizes what needs to be done and does it (instead of procrastinating until there's a minion available), but perhaps your wardrobe is best employed elsewhere (dinner dates, nights at the opera/ballet/whatever) for now.
After seeing more, I would like to change my vote. Hermes Man isn't a troll -- he's a rent boy, peacocking for the rough trade.
Quote: Originally Posted by bourbonbasted I think with "statement pieces" like emblematic ties it looks quite gouache to wear the crest of something you have no affiliation with. Come now...aren't you painting emblematic ties with too broad a brush here?
Settling in for a nice shit at the office men's room, only to have the resident rotten-guts come barging into the next stall to unload a fetid spray of egg mcmuffin
FFS, really?
Please shut up and let the market decide what the OP's wares are worth. There is some crazy (in every sense of the word) shit on here, like that grey cashmere car coat.
A "looking-forward-to-sporting-that-summery-Isaia-tie" bump!
Quote: Originally Posted by Gibonius If you have no documented history of using credit, how would lenders know how likely you are to repay them? Your credit rating is not supposed to be a measure of your fiscal situation, but of your history of repaying debt. If you want to use credit and get good terms, play the game and build a credit history. Saying things like you're not "supposed" to use credit is pretty meaningless, we all know the rules in...
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