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What's the proper term for people (usually women of a certain age) who close their eyes while talking? Shit drives me bananas.
That bitch is higher than God..."Actually, no" my ass.
True. I think that was also the point of the "free speech wall" -- it was clearly a provocation. This kook played to it marvellously.
Well, I probably should have qualified "the Left", since I'm sure you're not (and wouldn't want to be) part of the group I'm thinking of when I use the term. These are the kind of people for whom identity politics, "direct action" a la Alinsky, etc. is everything -- you can't put two of them in a room for more than five minutes before a fight breaks out over who is more of an ally to people of colour, or trans people, or indigenous people, or whatever.They're thankfully...
No, the whole academic-labour-activist complex (riff on Ike there) did, otherwise this parasite wouldn't feel so emboldened as to trample everyone else's right to have their say, destroy someone else's property, and then crow about it.
Can't believe Piob hasn't posted this gem... "Not every opinion is valid": anti-homophobia activist tears down university's free speech wall in an act of "forceful resistance" This little tool represents everything that is wrong with the Left: smug, self-congratulatory assurance that he knows what's best and everyone else is a fascist. Really underscores Manton's point about the militancy embedded in many campuses.
Her mom's Bjork, so of course she's going to be a bit squirrely.
Is he black? The blacks are apparently notoriously bad tippers...
God I hope not...
Hamilton fires 29 city road workers who allegedly ran personal errands when they should have been patching potholes When a small army of road crews left the city’s public works yard, the “hot box” of fresh asphalt in each municipal truck was full and the workers had a list of potholes needing repair. At the end of the day, the asphalt was gone and workers confirmed their roads had been fixed. Sixteen of those city work crews, however, were secretly followed by private...
New Posts  All Forums: