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I've had a similar thing happen, several times now. I've walked into a store and thought "Wouldn't it be nice to find some cashmere in my size?" or "I feel like I might find some Paul Smith stuff tonight," and then bam! It's eerie...
I just started selling on eBay late last year, and this has been the hardest bit for me. Wrap the purchase in tissue, include a thank-you card, send it out quickly with tracking, and...nothing from the buyer.
Why does eBay's Global Shipping Program sometimes tell you that customs/duties info is only available at checkout? On what planet would you commit to buying something without knowing the actual cost?
@rubinho Looks legit but old. You're taking a walk on the wild side with that fabric.
Nothing to brag about - left a naff Paul &Shark striped OCBD and a suspect Burberry ("Made in Londod") on the racks last night. Instead, some random thoughts from a Sally Anne on the outskirts of a G8 capital: - Working at a thrift store is a tough job. So many lonely people, some slightly unhinged, who want to take up your time. The best staffers seem to be equal parts counsellor, inventory control guru, loss-prevention officer and sympathetic shoulder to cry on. - I...
Thanks kbadgley84 - I don't operate on the 10% rule. If I did id never buy anything! If I can get 3-4x I'm usually happy.
Authenticity check? Worth a pickup at about US$25?
I haven't found any LP cashmere, but have come across Malo, TSE and other makes. I picked up a navy V-neck with the same label as bert9000's just before Christmas. It is the thickest and, after a hand wash in Woolite, the softest cashmere sweater I have ever come across.
Can someone remind me what size 99 inside a cap-toe oxford would mean again? Is it MTM/custom?
A lunchtime walk in balmy 11 degree Celsius weather (52 Fahrenheit) yielded the following: Iron Heart motorcycle jeans - stiff as a board and heavy as hell! Vintage Holliday and Brown for local now-defunct menswear boutique Made in Canada vintage camelskin longwings from now-defunct shoemaker Dack's (R.I.P.) And two pairs of these pretty sweet made in Japan kicks, NWOL (new without laces) from
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