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Actually, from my limited contact with progressives, it's more of a mote-and-beam stance. They believe the West, with its pervasive rape culture, violence against women in popular media, etc., has no right to criticize the workings of other cultures until we get our own house in order.
I hear that Chinese people believe Koreans to be a cross between squirrels and monkeys.
Laundry on the sleeping floor (top floor) is great, until one of the hoses bursts...good luck getting your washer/dryer out of the way and shutting the valve off before extensive flooding and water damage occurs. That's provided you are home when the hose bursts, and not in Australia for a few weeks...Something like an Intelliflow shutoff is a must, as is a drainable catch basin under the washing machine.
I feel somewhat bad for saying this, but sometimes it's not homeless people but teh poorz and their health issues. There is one obese chappie I see fairly frequently whose kidneys must be failing or something -- the smell of urea/ammonia is so fierce it makes your eyes water.
That would indeed be a most cunning save...
Slick Willie = Tom Bombadil
Awesome.Meanwhile, the real Chris Dorner is up in a tree somewhere polishing his skull collection...
Look at the larger image and you'll see three spent shotgun cartridges, and at least seven or eight spent handgun casings.
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