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Saw "HOTMESS" here a while back...
I believe this to be unintentional genius...print out and frame immediately
Nice to see Louise Bourgeois get some love on here...my daughter loves her "Maman" piece outside the national gallery here in Ottawa. Just got back from Montreal with the wife - bought her one of these for her birthday: http://www.galerieblanche.com/en/artist.php?ID=22
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH I am getting so much anxiety over this. Imagine if you got home and there was TP wedged into the latch on your home bathroom...that'd make me more anxious!
Bump for a great seller! Kinda kicking myself now for not buying more....
Invites are open again but closing soon...
Back in my youthful days, a friend of mine was asked to stay after class for his presentation on Pakistan -- his owlish crazy white lady teacher thought a reference to "barfi" was hurtful...
Quote: Originally Posted by sinnedk maybe this needs to be added to the rules in B&S... just so ppl dont complain in future A first-to-pay rule is a bit problematic for us forrinners, since many listings state something like "CONUS shipping is included/$5/etc., international bidders contact me for shipping".
That's bizarre...when I lived in Riyadh, conspicuous flaunting of gold watches, rings, bracelets (thick and manly) and fountain pens was definitely the norm among Saudi males in business settings. Necklaces were always a bit of a no-no, however.
Quote: Originally Posted by Geoff Gander I'm in Ottawa and the BB we're supposed to be getting is years away, probably. WAT
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