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FAILED at para 4 for quoting that douche Tim Wise. God it's becoming increasingly embarassing to be a liberal...
That is interesting when paired with this:
One glaring problem with hate crime laws is that they can circumvent, I think, (lawyers help me out here) due process and the presumption of innocence. A barfight breaks out between two young men over some trivial matter -- one of them happens to be gay, and identifies himself as such once the police arrive. What evidence is required other than this admission of gayness in order to charge the other party with a hate crime?
The mortal sin in many progressive circles is not inaction in the face of injustice, but action in a way that perpetrates injustice (as they see it). By telling Muslim women what's good for them, western feminists would be committing that mortal sin.
A bit late but I will reply anyway, because I think it's fundamental to the OP. Moral relativism is refusing to use one's own morality to frame the morality of other cultures, because morality is culture-specific and weighing the mores and moral code of others against your own is a form of imperialistic thinking. Interesting thought that it's almost always an indulgence of Westerners.
Moral relativism.
Thought Piobaire especially would enjoy this one: Anti-poverty success airbrushed out The experiment began in 1974. It was designed to test the concept of a guaranteed annual income in a small, fairly typical, community. Dauphin, a rural municipality of 13,000 midway between Winnipeg and Regina, was chosen at the behest of former Manitoba premier Ed Schreyer. The city’s low-income residents were lifted and kept out of poverty, using a negative income tax. (Canada Revenue...
Actually, from my limited contact with progressives, it's more of a mote-and-beam stance. They believe the West, with its pervasive rape culture, violence against women in popular media, etc., has no right to criticize the workings of other cultures until we get our own house in order.
I hear that Chinese people believe Koreans to be a cross between squirrels and monkeys.
Laundry on the sleeping floor (top floor) is great, until one of the hoses bursts...good luck getting your washer/dryer out of the way and shutting the valve off before extensive flooding and water damage occurs. That's provided you are home when the hose bursts, and not in Australia for a few weeks...Something like an Intelliflow shutoff is a must, as is a drainable catch basin under the washing machine.
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